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I don’t “get” art. Especially paintings. And, if you are anything like me — tall, dark, delightfully charming — then you don’t either. I really don’t see why Mona Lisa is “better” than any variation of Dog’s Playing Poker. To me, Mona Lisa looks like some cranky chick trying to force a smile. Probably because […]

(aka “Being bossed around by my 8 year old cousin”) So, I’m getting ready to wash the lunch dishes, when she asks me what I had. I try to explain the concoction I made, without really listening she says, “Yes, very clever. So, would you like to come outside and see my hip hop routine […]

I really don’t know much about, so perhaps this article isn’t a good representation of what they are all about, but if it is… Some maroon wrote: “6 Ways To Tell Your Girl to Lose Some Weight” AND he is apparently the “Relationship Consultant.” I don’t even know where to start. Let’s ignore the […]

I love taking long showers. I really do. Showers lasting more than a half hour are completely normal to me. I started taking long showers when I was 14 or so. My father had a very male hypothesis as to why I stayed in there so long. Think about it… But, that really wasn’t the […]

Yes, this will be the final Vernon St. installment. This is a big ‘un. Twice the Peter for the same price. You are SO lucky. Have you read Part I, Part II and Part III? These aren’t like the Commandments, people. You have to pay attention to them all. Let’s do this thing… THE VERNON […]

I am writing on a Saturday morning. This almost never happens. Apparently I am feeling a bit writerly today. I was just reading some Tony Pierce and it put me in the mood. There is something about his seemingly well-planned streams of consciousness that makes it seem so easy. That is until you sit down […]

Since screenwriting doesn’t seem to be happening today, I think I’ll continue to regale you with tales of the infamous Vernon St apartment. If you haven’t already, you should read Part I of this gripping saga. I’d link directly to it, but I am having some blogger issues. So, I guess you are just going […]