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I think it may be the flu that has waylaid half of the island.* Or it could be malaria. [*Yes I live on an island. No, not like Gilligan. More like the Professor. And Ginger kicks Mary Ann’s butt.] It is important to note that I have a puke-free slate since ’88. (And I like […]

“What about Brian?” isn’t necessarily the kind of show that I would normally watch. It didn’t premiere in September, which immediately gives me pause. And the whole “I’m in love with my best friend’s girl” thing? Didn’t Chandler and Joey pretty much write the book on that 6 or 7 years ago? Plus, the pilot […]



As bloggers, I feel that we have an obligation to tackle the serious issues. We have a duty to discuss things that are sensible and meaningful. It can’t all be links to funny sites and complaining about work. Sometimes we just have to bare our souls, roll up our sleeves, put our noses to the […]

Have you ever wondered if when people wrote famous quotes, whether or not they thought that maybe these quotes would still be used many years later? You haven’t? Oh. Well, that kind of puts the screwing into this entry. What the hell… I might as well power through. I have wondered about this. I’ve even […]

I originally wrote this 3 years ago for I’ve decided to update it a little and to delete the parts that were, for lack of a better phrase, horrifically unfunny. ===================== We are living in tumultuous times, my friends. We truly are. Unemployment is soaring. Crime rates are high. The stock market is pretty […]

Airport Bar


He walked into the dimly lit bar and heard Journey’s “Open Arms” playing over the speakers. He immediately began to relax a little. The bartender looked up, “Back again?” “Yeah. For a while,” he replied. “Care for another?” “Sure,” he said. “Let’s live dangerously.” The bartender passed him a large glass full of clear liquid […]

I like TV. un-der-state-ment ( P ) (ndr-sttmnt, ndr-stt-)n.Restraint or lack of emphasis in expression I’ve always liked TV. Besides being hugely entertaining, and like a flickering hug for your peepers, TV watching is like therapy to me. Some people drink. Some people pop pills. I watch TV… while drinking and popping pills. I kid, […]