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I’ve been two-timing with a cute little California girl named There are some things that just wouldn’t do for me. I’ll spare you all the details, but it involved a Wonder Woman costume and a badminton raquet. I’m only human.

New tricycle!


The ACN got her own special little tricycle today! Dig her little bike helmet! It’s the same as her grandpa’s hardhat. She can haul bum over rocks and everything. Steering is a work in progress. But, she could not be more excited.

In my post yesterday, I touched on growing up in a small town. It started me thinking about other ways in which it affected me. Two things immediately came to mind: music and dating. Because I grew up in a town with essentially one radio station, my exposure to good music was limited. (A radio […]

In what will come as a surprise to, well, no one at all, Lance Bass of ‘NSYC has come out. I mean, did you not see 2001’s seminal classic “On The Line?” He had no interest in Emmanuelle Chriqui. (Has there ever been a non-hot Emmanuelle?) That was clear. It was like watching old episodes […]

It might as well be me. Jack Kerouac’s “On The Road” is freakin’ terrible. Yes, I hear the collective gasps. I just don’t care. It is bru-friggin’-tal. Someone, somewhere along the way decided it was a classic and everyone else was too confused by it to argue. It is completely unreadable. I got through 3/4 […]

Yeah, it’s true. I am getting ready to order a new PC. No, I’m not “replacing” you, per se. I am sure it does feel that way, but things just aren’t working anymore. I put a lot of time and effort into our relationship. I have upgraded every part the was possible over the years. […]

A few months back, I started writing a novel – somewhat inspired by the lovely and talented Caprice Crane – and things went swimmingly well at first. But, then I turned into Slack J. O’Slackery Jr. and things have been moving much slower. So, I figured that if I mention it in here, and paste […]