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The question


[Peter warning: This one just kind of stumbled out of my fingers. I had no idea where it was going when I started. Be brave. Actually, I hate this post. Don’t read it. Okay, fine. You think you know better? Go ahead. But, don’t say I didn’t warn you.] Out of the blue, someone will […]

Yesterday evening, I saw the biggest pigeon that I have ever seen. It was also the pigeon with the brightest coloured neck. It was a gorgeous, shiny green. It glimmered in the ever-pinkening twilight hour. I know almost nothing about the mating habits of pigeons, but I would put down money that Mr. Pigeon gets […]



I am busy today and wasn’t going to take the time to post anything. But, you look so darn cute when you read my site. No, not you. And put some damn pants on. I am talking to YOU. I’d like to tell you all that I am super busy working on writing projects that […]

Last night, as I was getting into bed, I came to a very vivid realization… I should be a rock star. No, seriously. I have a raging ego. I’m a glory whore. I have an issue with authority figures. I have a rock star’s build. I have messy rock star hair. I just want to […]

For some odd reason, my traffic has more than tripled in the past month. I’m as surprised as you are. I wanted to do something to help the newcomers catch up with the goings on so far. I know that many bloggers do a “100 things about me” post. I considered that, but despite the […]

I have never been one to be too concerned about the latest fads. He says as he practices the macarena whilst wearing a “frankie says relax” t-shirt. I typically find my way to these things long after they’ve jumped the shark. For example, using the phrase “jumped the shark.” The overwhelming urge to make a […]

Many millions of years ago, there was a love connection. A boy named “methane and nitrogen” ran into a girl named “a whole mess of rocks and junk.” They didn’t hit it off right away. She had been hurt before. He didn’t want kids. But, a friendship blossomed. Finally, she agreed to let him drive […]