Mini Podcast: La Verdad Oculta!


Have you ever been so bored that you wanted to listen to me watch a Spanish soap opera?



La Verdad Oculta.

This is Elsa:

“I have to get home and put on my white pants before… mañana.”


4 Responses to “Mini Podcast: La Verdad Oculta!”

  1. 1 Amy

    Yes, I am so bored that I wanted to listen to you watch a Spanish Soap Opera. All 13 min 23sec! If you would like to get some idea of how bored a person must be to “want” to do this, check out my blog post for today titled “Watching my Fingernails Grow”. On second thought, you might not want to read that.

    By the way, it is O.K to wear white after Labour day as long as you call it “winter white”.

  2. 2 Jennie

    Hey Pete,
    I’m officially inviting you over to watch Greek Soap Operas with me and my parents (the Spanish ones seem to be awfully similar). Good luck with your writing.


  3. 3 Peter

    Amy: Winter white? I had no idea. I like when I learn stuff. Especially stuff that involves no work on my part.

    Jennie: Thanks! Are the Greeks as fiery in their soap operas?

  4. 4 Jennie

    Yes, the Greek soaps are on equal footing with the Spanish ones (I’ve caught my dad dozing off while watching a Spanish one and he couldn’t tell the difference). Girls dressed like sluts with lots of eye make-up…check. Really ugly tan dudes …check. Fake sets that nearly fall apart when someone slams the door…check.

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