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My sister the nurse: You guys would not believe some of the things I’ve pulled out of old people’s belly buttons. Disgusted silence all around. Random friend: Like what? Me: A badger?

This is 2 minutes after The ACN asked me to have a nap with her this morning in her new bed. This is 30 seconds before she kicked me out for being a bed hog. (I am really not.) This is 1 minute before she giggled and made it clear that she had no intention […]

Hiyas. I am sitting here patiently(ish) waiting for the arrival of The ACN. She should be here soon, but her Mommy & Daddy are only able to come late tomorrow night. My sister has been working every night since the 24th. So, we pushed the gift exchange portion of our holiday back until the evening […]

Happy Birthday to the Ink Monkey himself. A Festivus for the rest of us! Yesterday, I sent the following out to almost everybody on my gmail contact list. But, this morning I realized that I haven’t exchanged mails with all of you yet. And I don’t like to leave anyone out. Especially if they might […]

So, I have ten minutes before I should be doing something useful(ish.) And I HATE not blogging on a week day. I know that you people don’t plan your day around it or anything, but… Speaking of, why DON’T you plan your days around it. *eyes you all suspiciously* With the 10 minutes, I am […]

Or a Pete-pourri, if you will. Though you probably shouldn’t. I had a few different things on my mind this morning, though none of which warranted a blog post of their own. Here the are… ***** You may not know this about me, but I gave kickass advice. For reals. So, because I love you […]