Weekend Randomania


A Canadian… on American Idol?

Jory Steinberg is my new favourite.


Last night the ACN and I were making supper together. (We are quite the cooking team.)

I was washing a frying pan that we needed when she yelled…

ACN: Unc!

Uncle Pete: Is Uncle Pete too slow?

ACN: Yeeeeah.

Uncle Pete: Do you like waiting?

The ACN shakes her head “no.”

Uncle Pete: Are you a patient little girl?

The ACN shakes her head “no.”

I give her a look.

The ACN giggles and giggles.


Last night I was talking about the crappy weather and said, “I can’t believe the power didn’t go out.”

Then… fbzzzzzt. Darkness.

(What do YOU think the power sounds like when it goes out?)

I should have known better than to jinx things like that.

Though I wonder what other things I can control with this power…

“I can’t believe the Colts didn’t win the Super bowl.”

(Speaking of, I never realized how annoying the two weeks off before the game were until my team was playing in it.)


Since the weather is still crappy, The ACN’s Daddy and I may play a game of Risk.

I’ve set the over/under on how many times I say, “The Ukraine is weak” at ten.


One Response to “Weekend Randomania”

  1. 1 The Stormin Mormon

    1: The Ukraine is weak

    2: Yeah, the wait sucks.

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