When you have questions about fashion trends…


I am clearly the person you should come to.

(End of page 2.)


4 Responses to “When you have questions about fashion trends…”

  1. 1 Amy

    Wow, you really do have BlackBerry on the brain.

  2. 2 James Cooper

    Bwahahaaha, if ever there was a quote to have put in an article :-D

  3. 3 Lauren G

    I didn’t know you were a writer. No dig. I mean, I know you’re a writer, a great one at that. But do you have a day job, something else you do when you’re not writing? Like to pay bills and such? I know we’re already on the rocks and all, so I hope you don’t take this question wrong.

    Writers are so hot.

  4. 4 Peter

    amy: I get fixated.

    james: Amazingly it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the pics.

    lauren g: So, you’ve returned, eh? I do other stuff, but it doesn’t count. I am strictly calling myself a writer now. Though I totally asked the reporter to refer to me as “Peter Dewolf, Ambassador of Awesome.” True story.

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