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Steve was minding his own business when THEY stormed in. The man was first. He was fuming. “Just stop following me!” The woman, well, followed him into the room. “Let’s talk about this,” she pleaded. “Listen, Slutty McSlutterton, I don’t give a flying flame-throwing fuck what you have to say on the subject,” he hissed. […]

Heyas — I just set up the official PDDC baseball pool. You can sign-up here. League ID: 134335 password: pddc1234 This is going to be the lowest maintenance baseball pool EVER. It is rotisserie style. (Like Kenny Rogers’ chicken!) None of that “head-to-head” business where you actually have to pay attention to your team. The […]

This is just me telling you that I fully realize that it’s been four days since I posted anything. And I’m not entirely sure why. My mind has been elsewhere. I’ve been thinking about other writing projects. Yesterday I almost wrote about the Oscars. But, I didn’t care enough. And didn’t actually watch them. I […]



I like to joke sometimes about how awesome I am. Someone will ask, “How are you?” And I’ll reply with “Charming and witty. You? They won’t know what to do with it. I’ll giggle. Good times. And I AM joking. You know, mostly. Truth be told, I kinda like me. So, before I get into […]



Some things mildly annoy you.Some things make you wonder what might have been.Some things absolutely enrage you.And, on those great occasions, some things give you hope.

And already I miss her. :( Like I usually do after her visits, I’ll spend the next few days looking at her pics and thinking, “Awwwww. Pooooop.” We had a fun ten days. A few points that I didn’t mention yet: – It may take her Mommy & Daddy a couple of days to unspoil […]

Many of you are already familiar with the exploits of Cassie. Well, she’s been a baaaaaad dragon lately. The night before last, and the night before that, ACN woke up in the middle of the night. She was very upset and didn’t want to sleep in her bed. And the next day, I found out […]