She Travels Light For A Princess



Only three pairs of shoes.

We had a fun day today.

This afternoon she was playing in her bed. She let me know that she had to go use the bathroom. When I tried to pick her up, she said, “No” and started giggling.

I said, “You don’t have to use the bathroom?”

She giggled some more.

I said, “I suppose it was one of the teddy bears that had to use the bathroom?”

Her little peepers lit up.

Immediately I knew what I had done.

A half hour later, all eleven stuffed animals had gone to “pee” and she was ready to take her turn.

It was the same routine every time…

I picked up a stuffed animals and said, “Don’t you pee on Unc!”

Then I’d stomp my feet as I walked to the bathroom. (ACN LOVES that.)

Some stuffed animals had to pee more than others, so for them I’d turn on the sink faucet to simulate the sounds of quite a stream. Giggles echoed from ACN’s bedroom.

Then I’d say, “Wipe wipe wipe” as I made noise with the toilet paper dispenser.

Then I’d tell the animals to say, “Bye,pee!” (ACN does that too.)

Then I’d imitate the animal saying it.

Then I’d say, “[insert animal’s name] flush?”

The animal would say “Yes.”

Then I’d flush the toilet.

And ACN would crack up laughing every time.

Eleven… eleven toilet flushes.

Actually, come to think of it, Clifford the big red watch puppy peed in the bathtub, Cassie faked us out and didn’t actually have to pee, and Fluffalumpkins “peed on Unc.”

Eight… eight toilet flushes.


5 Responses to “She Travels Light For A Princess”

  1. 1 The Stormin Mormon

    Stuff like that is why I would be thrilled to be an uncle (but still terrified of being a parent).

  2. 2 Mood Indigo

    This is HILARIOUS. I wish I was this creative when hanging out with my neices and nephews!

  3. 3 Eve

    That was the cutest post EVER! From the shoe pic (aw!) to eight flushes (although with those giant Canadian toilet tanks, that sure is a lot of water…)

  4. 4 Peter

    stormin’: Being an uncle rocks!

    megan: Between you and me, this probably wouldn’t even crack the top ten of silly things I’ve done for this girl. ;)

    eve: Thanks! I had to get a pic of the shoes. They are so little and cute.

  5. 5 Michelle

    Wow… ACN has cool taste. Love the green Crocs.

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