Peter getting a little tiiiiiiiiiired


I adooooooooooore the little punkin, but the ACN can wear an Unc out.

5 or 6 more sleeps until her Mommy & Daddy return.

By the time she goes home, I’ll be a broken shell of my former self. Well, broken, yet rugged and charming. You know how it is.

I thought about making a little video this morning of us painting. However, I didn’t re-install my webcam yet. The other night my computer told me not to shut the power off because it was installing something. I’ve learned that “Screw you, I own you and will shut off the power pack whenever I please” is NOT a good reply.

The next morning my Windows wouldn’t load at all. It looked like my harddrive was fried. Turned out that it wasn’t, but I still had to reset the PC to factory settings.

And, if I had made the video, you might have caught me singing one of the various songs I sang while we painted. The selections this week so far: Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie,” Beastie Boys, “Brass Monkey” and Elton John’s “Levon.” I have no idea why.

[You didn’t notice, but I just took an hour off from typing this to watch an episode of “The West Wing” (season 2.) It was chock full of Emily Procter goodness. And now A&E is showing 37 episodes of “CSI: Miami.” My TV is lousy with Emily Procter tonight. Yay!]

Where were we? Well, I am even more tired now.

In addition to my painful singing — and the ACN laughing at said singing — the video also would have shown one of her favourite games. It is the one where she gets me to flip through the pages of the painting book as she says “no” to everything. Finally I “grrrrrrrrr” and she cracks up. So, the next pic I show her, she says “Yeeeah” and I start to get her to paint it when she giggles and says “no.”

ACN also makes me spank her teddy bears when they are bad. Today a little beanie baby-sized version of Wilbur the pig (from “Charlotte’s Web”) allegedly pinched her bum when I wasn’t looking. And since he is so little I had to improvise, so I spanked his bum using only one finger. ACN LOVED that.

You may notice (or have noticed) as the visit goes on, and I get more tired, my posts will become much less coherent.

Oooh Emily Procter is doing something.


3 Responses to “Peter getting a little tiiiiiiiiiired”

  1. 1 Janet

    Interesting selection of songs. You, like me, obviously believe the children are our future.

  2. 2 Steph

    You are gonna be a great dad some day Mr DeWolf.

  3. 3 Peter

    janet: I teach them silliness and let them lead the way.

    steph: Thanks!! Though it’s been said that I sometimes spoil the ACN… (and girlfriends… and perfect strangers…)

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