Quick ACN Stories…


– Earlier the ACN wanted a Tim Hortons chocolate chip cookie. I started feeding it to her. She told me that she didn’t eat chocolate chips. So, I took out each little chip before giving her a bite. When we got down to the last few bites, I asked her if she ate the chips at home. She started giggling and said, “Yeeeeah.”

– The ACN has decided that, when she is at physiotherapy, both the physiotherapist and her Mommy have to applaud every time she completes an activity. LOVE that.


One Response to “Quick ACN Stories…”

  1. 1 The Stormin Mormon

    I would almost consider relocating to Canada for:

    1: Regular hockey broadcasts on TV


    2: Tim Horton’s…

    Every time I got to Vancouver I can’t leave without having a some TH’s.

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