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“Go away get closer!” you scream.In your head.You didn’t expect or request it.Yet there it is.You don’t know what to do with it.Still… there it is.You think you might, for the first time ever, understand, “out of your league.”You don’t like it.At all.You wonder if it really exists.In the way that you envision.Maybe it doesn’t […]

[This started as a little story about the college years. Then it got away from me. Then it got further away from me. Now it is insanely long. I think it makes me look bad, but I am too tired to go back and find out for sure. I also refuse to proof it. You’ve […]

This is the second greatest thing EVER on an Idol show. (Katharine McPhee’s yellow dress is still #1.) Cape Breton’s own Tyler Mullendore. I freakin’ love this. The dancing… I am not going to lie to you people… I voted for him 15 times.

It always amazes me how a couple of chords from a song can transport you back to a very specific time and place. And how the faintest sniff of a delicious and familiar aroma wafting through the air can cause your mouth to water and your stomach to growl. But, not all sensory memories are […]

“There is something special in that bond between two men that played a sport together. It is like the bond you get from getting rid of a dead hooker. But, NOT the same kind of bond you get from accidentally crossing swords. I can’t stress that enough people.”

A short one…


Just so I can say that I posted something today.

Some stranger requested an add on msn messenger a few minutes ago. I figured maybe it was one of you folks, so I accepted. It wasn’t any of you. Some spam crap. A “woman” named monica. With a user pic scanned out of a J Crew catalogue apparently — which made me want to buy […]