Peter on gay marriage…


Have you been wondering how I feel about gay marriage?

Of course you have.

Well, find out right here!


4 Responses to “Peter on gay marriage…”

  1. 1 benjibopper

    you by any chance related to a dan dewolfe from NS?

  2. 2 MissE

    you know, I had been wondering just that very thing… right along with “what does that devilishly handsome Nova Scotian look like without his glasses on?” and what do you know… two birds, one stone! excellent.

    Happy (belated) FLAG Day, Peter.

  3. 3 Peter

    beni: Nope. Sorry.

    misse: To you, too! And thanks!!

  4. 4 benjibopper

    wow, you even look kind like him.

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