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Brandon and Melissa haven’t been dating for very long. Let’s say… three months. She is having some serious health issues. The treatment she is undergoing is causing some stomach…. yuckies. And she is pretty miserable, and stressed, in general. Melissa is sleeping in the bed. Brandon is sleeping on the floor next to the bed. […]

Like most of you, I spend a good amount of time checking my visitor stats for my blog. Probably even more so on days when I don’t post anything. The reason being that I feel guilty about not posting. I think things like, “Awww. Person from Bristol, Connecticut, you came all the way up here […]

We have a few more slots left in an NFL fantasy league. E-mail me if you are into it. Go Colts!

This is totally against my better judgment. But, in the wee hours, in a still mostly asleep stupor, I scribbled this mess in a note pad. And then I got up to try to see the alleged lunar eclipse. It just looked like a regular moon. CURSES! [Please note that Peter shook his fist skyward.] […]

Some of the scenes included would be: The ACN deciding yesterday morning that I would be “PuppyPete” instead of Uncle Pete. (And that she would be Puppy[ACN.]) Each of us barking. Hers sounding like “Uppp!” (CUTE.) Me getting head rushes while panting. (Sucky lack of oxygen. Damn you ragweed! Or whatever that yellow horse shit […]

This’ll be the post where you’ll probably notice that as the little twerps wear Uncle Pete down, he becomes less and less able to properly tell the story of their many adventures. I’m just about at the “Girls funny… Peter tired…” point. But, I’ll try. Because she had so much fun yesterday morning, the ACN […]

This morning The ACN decided that she wanted me to take her to visit The Monkey at her grandparents’ house. However, The ACN was still in her jammies. I can be a fairly persuasive dude, from time to time, and figured that I could talk her into getting dressed, but she was having none of […]