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George (Repeat)


A little over a year ago, I wrote this… You hear it on the news all the time. “Worst drought in years.” George is all too familiar with it. It seems as if he hears it every single year now. Saying that George was at the end of his rope would be casting a much […]

The ACN told her mommy not to pack her a lunch today. She was going to buy her lunch in the cafeteria. A fish burger, she had decided. Apparently, at some point, there was a change in plans. Because, when she got home, her mommy and daddy read her little book (that teachers and EAs […]

a mission…


While I am posting here less often (off to a good start, eh?) I think that I will try to do a better job of commenting on all of your blogs. And not just quantity of comments. I want to absolutely ROCK your blog comment-receiving asses and blow your mind-holes. I want to leave the […]

Checking in…


You know who I hate? People that write a blog post about how they don’t post as much anymore. And Nazis. They are poops. That being said, this is a post about how I haven’t been posting as much (quantity or quality) and might not be for a while. I’m working on a bigger project. […]



The lovely Molly got engaged yesterday! Go over and bask in the reflected glow of her rock. (The also lovely Clink got engaged months ago and I didn’t congratulate her in here!) This got me to thinking about engagements in general. I’m a fairly competitive hombre from time to time. And one of those times […]

“There’s a certain way that sunlight wraps around a beautiful woman,”He thought, as he fixed his hair in the overly Windexed store window.It’s like they absorb it and then let it shine back out through their pores. Even brighter. Exponentially so.And then they come into even sharper focus.Or maybe it’s just that everyone around them […]

The problem


There isn’t much wind, my friend.And when there is, you won’t find many answers blowing in it.(One of) The problem(s) with the world right nowis that there isn’t a new Bob Dylan.(Years too late) punk rockers sang about an American idiot.And thirty-something (at least) country chicks didn’t want to back down.The former’s fan base was […]