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No patience…


I posted early on The ‘Stache.

Exactly a year ago I wrote this post… It was on this very day, many years ago, that I met her. I can hardly believe how many years ago it was, to be truthful. It was during my second year of university. My buddies and I went on a road trip to a town about […]

And today it is featuring a little Peter Classic. (You may have already read the piece here.)

“It’s not you, it’s me,” she said. And he believed her. Mostly because she is a huge fucking mess. He felt guilty for thinking that. And then he felt justified because she rocked such a cliché on him. And then he felt guilty for that too. As he ran, Stars’ “Your Ex-Lover Is Dead” echoed […]

The Monkey just made me set up an entry for her in my cellphone address book. The includes a picture of her sticking out her tongue for photo caller ID. She also made me download Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry” for her very own ringtone. And then she made me play it over and over […]

Before peterbedtime last night I watched “My Name is Earl” and then an episode of “The West Wing.” As I drifted off to sleepies, Earl had me thinking about karma and then fate. Those thoughts began merging with stuff from “The West Wing” episode, which was about a super collider. (You know, I also read […]

Hi, chica. That’s a lovely shirt. The colour looks GREAT on you. So, yeah, confession time again. I’ve got some hang-ups, sweetie. Many of which I am trying to deal with, you know, so that they won’t be issues in the future. For you. That’s just the kind of future husband that I am. Some […]