Another confession…


I don’t trust people who don’t have a gmail account.

There, I said it.

Still using Hotmail instead of gmail is like watching a black and white TV when someone is offering you a plasma.

Still using Yahoo is like staring at cave paintings. I briefly used Yahoo as my primary e-mail… when I was Pennsylvania Amish. I shouldn’t mock, as I hear they make lovely ladies in those parts.

And wagons.

I love the way gchat/google talk works for chatting too.

I’ll admit that I used AOL IM at one point. It… it seemed like a good idea at the time. The only decent thing was that you could set your “Away” message. I would usually use a quote from HARDCORE LOGO, “I can’t come to the phone right now, I’m eating corn chips and masturbating.” Which was a complete lie.

I don’t eat corn chips.

I even used Yahoo chat. It was the only thing that my gf at the time could use at work. I hated myself a little inside. (For Yahoo, not the girlfriend.)

And I do still use MSN Messenger. Mostly so that The ACN can use her webcam to show me what she made in school, what she got as a present, what she is eating for supper and so that when I ask if she misses Uncle Pete she can shake her head “no” and giggle like mad.

I even installed the Google Talk stand alone program. The benefits of which are…

Well, I’m not entirely sure.

It does allow you to send “voice mail” to other users. I’ve never done it. And I’m not sure why I wouldn’t just grab my phone and call the person instead. But, I’m a boy and easily impressed by superfluous technological dealies.

And nice legs.

It also allows me to automatically and obnoxiously tell everyone on my friends list what song I am listening to at that particular moment.

“Peter, are you listening to REO Speedwagon?”
“You didn’t see nothin’!”

Tommorrow’s Topic: I think everyone without a PVR* should be hunted for sport.

(*aka DVR — Happy, Megan?)


20 Responses to “Another confession…”

  1. 1 Jenny

    I also hear the girls in Amish country pout a lot…maybe you should think of relocating.

  2. 2 Mim

    wow, now i feel like an outcast and should check out what this gmail thing is all about…

  3. 3 molly

    OK, I have gmail (as you know) for the blog but yahoo for my personal account. Don’t hate me.

  4. 4 Kathy

    I use both Gmail and Yahoo, the latter more as my “dummy” email for registering for message boards and whatnot. I like Gmail, it just doesn’t always like me — or my internet connection, which is little more than two dixie cups and some fishing wire.

  5. 5 Hellafied

    Ok first of all I take huge offense to the Hotmail thing, as I am still the proud owner/operator of a very popular Hotmail email account.

    Is PVR a Canadian thing? Because we have DVR here in the Age of Technology, er, I mean the States.

  6. 6 Niki Nielsen

    Gmail is the only one for me. My sister thinks I must work for them or get commissions when I refer people since I constantly hound her about setting up an account.

    It just really is the best!!

  7. 7 Peter

    jenny: Uh oh… I am soooooo powerless against a good point.

    mim: It will change your life! FOREVER. But, I don’t want to over sell it.

    molly: I have chosen to forgive you. Only because I can use gmail to contact you. If it was just yahoo…

    kathy: That is also OK. As long as you just use yahoo for the grunt work.

    niki: See? You get it! Your sister sounds like she is on AOL.

    hellafied: I actually meant DVR, ALTHOUGH it is sometimes called PVR up here… for some reason. But, now that you have ONCE AGAIN insulted my beloved country, I must leave it.

  8. 8 Hellafied

    Peter, it’s just so easy to ruffle your feathers. ;)

    Do I need to send you another e-card?

  9. 9 Peter

    Hellafied: *sniffle*

  10. 10 CamiKaos

    I would die without my dvr

  11. 11 123Valerie

    I like Gmail, but mostly because every time I log in, I go “G, G, G, Gmail” a la 50 Cent.

  12. 12 sybil law

    I love my gmail. HATE Yahooo. DVR is a necessity.
    But what would the “P” in PVR stand for? Programming?! I am lost… Which is not anything new…

  13. 13 Clink

    I agree! I agree! I have no idea why people still have Yahoo/Hotmail/Aol (shudder) accounts.

    Including my fiance, who is an AOL devotee. I’m actually really surprised that that wasn’t a dealbreaker for me.

  14. 14 Peter

    camikaos: I couldn’t go back. I just couldn’t!

    valerie: Crap. now that is going to be in my head every time *I* log in.

    sybill: The P stands for “personal.” At least according to my satellite dish company. (The Canadian equivalent of DirectTV, I suppose.)

    clink: Now THAT is love. You could set fire to his Patriots trash can (and you SHOULD) and he couldn’t say a word because you’ve overlooked the AOL thing.

  15. 15 Princess of the Universe

    I don’t have a PVR but I do have great legs.

  16. 16 Airam

    I use yahoo primarily. I guess you don’t trust me anymore huh?

  17. 17 Peter

    princess: Hopefully those legs will allow you to run fast enough to avoid those that will now hunt you for sport.

    airam: And they allow you to mold young minds??

  18. 18 Andrew

    I understand. Totally. Hotmail was fine… in 1995. Anyone NOT using Gmail (now that it’s open to absolutely everyone) is just begging to be spammed into a Viking chant.

    But Pete, I gotta ask… why, for the love of inner and outer labia, are you still using Blogger? Please at least drag yourself out of the ditch long enough to see what WordPress is about. ;)

  19. 19 jamelah

    I don’t really get the deal with Gmail (and googlevangelizing in general). I have a Gmail account but I don’t use it, because really, it’s just email. Is that blasphemy?

  20. 20 lfar

    1. I really love Hardcore Logo. I liked that it was Canadian, too. I first read it when I was all into Billy Talent, the band from my hometown. Because they were named after the character from HCL, Billy Tallent.

    2. I know. WHOOOO uses hotmail, really. Really. Really. Really? Really. It’s like people who use internet explorer. Yeah- yeh might as well break out the abacus to graph that 3-D function! (Did you know Texas Instruments has a T1-84? T1-83s are soooo high school)

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