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For my last NaBloPoMo post, I guest blogged for Ashley. (Not my best work. Sorry, Ashley!) No more blogging obligations! Oh wait… It is my day on The ‘Stache tomorrow. Curses!

I woke up this morning with absolutely no ideas for a blog topic. Well, I had some ideas. But, none of them began writing themselves in my head. Which would have meant that I would have actually had to do some of the work. Pffft. Sucks to that. I got an early morning IM from […]



I hate NaBloPoMo. I really do. It is sucking all the enjoyment out of blogging. As soon as something fun becomes an obligation, I am much less inclined to want to do it. This is EXACTLY why I never became a gigolo. That and the lack of a retirement plan. Every day I post something, […]

I finally got around to getting the pics off my camera. One reminded me of a little story from a couple of months (and teeth) ago. One morning…Unc: Tonight you are going to sleep in your own bed. The ACN shakes her head “No.” Unc: Unc’s bed? The ACN shakes her head “No.” Unc: With […]

Thanks to everyone who rocked the vote in yesterday’s post. It was close, but there was a winner. However, I don’t feel like writing about it. Or the other two. Such are the mercurial whims of a blogger. Are there non-mercurial whims? Whatever. I plan on writing the winning post tomorrow. Instead, today I am […]



I frequently jot down blog ideas on post-its, or save them as a draft e-mail in gmail. These ideas can be random thoughtlets, actual quotes from others, things I’ve said, or bits of fictional dialog that I have yet to build a story around. I currently have three sitting in front of me and I […]

I believe in fate.I believe in chance.I believe that is why we ended up at this stop light.Together.I trust in love.I trust in randomness.I trust in their co-dependence.Or interdependence.Something.I notice that you bite your lower lip when you think.I notice you singing along to your music.Britney?I notice you noticing me.Finally.I am excited by your smile.I […]