They don’t warn you about THIS in chat line infomercials…


Jeff: Hi.

Jennifer: Hello.

Jeff: This is Jeff.

Jennifer: Hi, Jeff. I’m Jennifer.

Jeff: First time using “The Pretty People Party Chat Line?”

Jennifer: Yup. You?

Jeff: Yeah.


Jennifer: Really?

Jeff: Fifth.

Jennifer: Sixth for me.

Jeff: So, we are both undateable AND filthy liars.

Jennifer: Common ground. Great start!

Jeff: Indeed. So, tell me about your last relationship.

Jennifer: Well, it lasted, like… four months. Give or take. But, we ARE so different.

Jeff: How so?

Jennifer: Views. Goals. Everything. He’d say “to-MAY-to” and I’d say, “Go fuck yourself.”

Jeff: So, probably not love then?

Jennifer: I’m guessing not.

Jeff: Mine wasn’t much better.

Jennifer: Oh no?

Jeff: Suffice it to say, you should not date a woman just because she has a spectacular ass.

Jennifer: The same goes for picking a gynecologist.

Jeff: What?

Jennifer: Nothing. Anyway…

Jeff: Yeah.

Jennifer: My ex was all sorts of crazy. Plus, he thought we were going to get married.

Jeff: Here’s my theory on marriage… You should date a woman long enough to make sure that she isn’t completely crazy. Then you should stay engaged long enough to make sure that she didn’t sneak by the initial completely crazy filer. And then you can finally relax and marry her… knowing full well that she is going to eventually turn completely crazy on you.

Jennifer: Wow.

Jeff: And to make it apply to men, you usually replace “completely crazy” with “lazy pain in the ass.”

Jennifer: That’s a pretty solid theory, Jeff.

Jeff: It’s what I do.

Jennifer: So… what are your turn-ons?

Jeff: My turn-ons…

Jennifer: Like, for me, I love a man in uniform.

Jeff: So, I should dig out my old boy scout uniform?

Jennifer: Exactly.

Jeff: Well, where do you stand on French Maid costumes?

Jennifer: Where do I stand? Uhm… over you?

Jeff: I could not like that answer more.

Jennifer: My Aunt Sheila had a saying, “It all ends up balled up on the floor regardless.” Of course, she also said, “The best way to get over someone is to get under… their best friend.”

Jeff: That is SO weird. The only other person I’ve ever heard say that is my mother.

Jennifer: Jeff… What’s your mother’s name?

Jeff: It’s Sheila, why do you–? Oh no.

Jennifer: Oh crap!

Jeff: It’s can’t be…

Jennifer: Cousin Jeffrey?!?

Jeff: I am going to puke.

Jennifer: I feel dirty. SO dirty.

Jeff: Right here. Vomit all over the place.

Jennifer: This is a new low for me.

Jeff: We can’t EVER discuss this again.

Jennifer: It didn’t happen.

Jeff: Definitely going to puke.

Jennifer: And a regular shower is not going to cut it… I need to be sprayed down by that hose they use to clean 18 wheelers.

Jeff: This is terrible.

Jennifer: I could not be more embarrassed.


Jeff: Were you serious about the french maid uniform?


Jeff: Hello. Hello?


14 Responses to “They don’t warn you about THIS in chat line infomercials…”

  1. 1 Princess of the Universe

    That went to a really scary place…

  2. 2 Miriam

    You have a twisted mind. I like it :)

  3. 3 Ashley

    Hahahaha that is so disturbing, yet oddly hysterical.

    You have such a twisted mind :-P Hopefully not taken from personal experience?

    I kid, I kid.

  4. 4 distracted spunk

    Ah, I love being taken for a ride on your blog. I’d be the easiest con you ever pulled as I never see it coming.

  5. 5 lfar

    I feel dirty for reading that.

  6. 6 Wendy

    Hilarious! love it.

  7. 7 jamelah


    That’s really all I have to say about that.

  8. 8 sybil law

    That was hilarious.

  9. 9 mindy

    Is “Jeff” code for “Peter”? It’s okay if it is, you can tell us. I know how things work up there in Canada. *wink, wink*

  10. 10 Sarah


  11. 11 Airam

    You make me laugh!!! I loved this!

  12. 12 Peter

    princess of the universe: Prude.

    miriam: Why thank you.

    ashley: “Twisted mind” in back to back comments. I wonder if I should be concerned.

    distracted spunk: You are my favourite kind of reader!

    lisa: You’re welcome.

    wendy: Thanks!

    jamelah: I hope that is not a mocking hahahaaaaaa.

    sybil: Thanks! I appreciate it.

    mindy: You know, I am beginning to think that you have a dirty mind.

    sarah: THANKS.

    airam: Yay! And thanks.

  13. 13 Michelle and the City


    i would have hung up on him too! yikes!

  14. 14 mcgee

    hahahahaha. that is all.

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