I hate NaBloPoMo.

I really do.

It is sucking all the enjoyment out of blogging.

As soon as something fun becomes an obligation, I am much less inclined to want to do it.

This is EXACTLY why I never became a gigolo.

That and the lack of a retirement plan.

Every day I post something, feel mild relief, and then it is back to the start the next day. And every day it is even harder to come up with something new.

Thankfully there are only three days left in this Sisyphean blogging nightmare. (Two after this post!)

I know, you are all probably thinking, “It was YOUR idea to do it, dumbass.”

Firstly, dude… harsh.

Secondly, it seemed like so much more fun in theory than in actual practice.

Like Sarah Silverman.

On the plus side, today is my mom’s birthday.

Say happy birthday to my mom, blog people.

I really should write a post about her. But, she is too much of a character. I don’t think I could capture her essence. (The three of you reading that have met her can back me up on this.)

So, yeah, this was your post for the day.

Oh, I am also in music downloading buying mode. Tell me a song that I absolute need to have playing in my rotation right now. New, old, doesn’t matter. I could use a little variety.

I listened to Pearl Jam’s “Corduroy” 14 times yesterday.


42 Responses to “28”

  1. 1 Stephanie

    I agree about NaBloPoMo. I find myself walking down the street constantly thinking, Ooh maybe I could post about that homeless guy. Or maybe I should post about how I’m listening to RuPaul on my iPod. Or maybe…and it goes on and on, consuming my life, and I still spew out crappy posts.

    NaBloPoMo 2008? No thanks.

  2. 2 NYCPonderings Chick

    happy b day to your mamma! and dont feel bad, I listened to John Mayer’s, ‘Say’ about 12 times on my walk home from the subway alone.

  3. 3 La

    I was feeling sappy this morning, so try Sara Bareilles “One Sweet Love”. Muy purty.

    Happy birthday to your mom!

  4. 4 Wendy

    Happy birthday, Peter’s mom!

    Try Feist – “1 2 3 4” or “My Moon My Man” very girlish music, you’ll like it.

  5. 5 LosingIt

    Amy Winehouse, “Tears Dry On Their Own.” Also, I’ve had my Imogene Heap/Frou Frou albums in constant rotation lately; very soothing and relaxing to listen to.

  6. 6 Peter

    stephanie: Exactly. I’m so with you on the NaBloPoMo ’08 boycott.

    la: Thanks! I’ll check it out.

    nycponderings chick: I’m glad that I am not alone with me “repeat” addiction.

    wendy: Girlish music?!? What is that supposed to mean?

    losingit: I love Imogene Heap’s “Goodnight and Go.” Ohhhhhh. That’s why Wendy called me girly.

  7. 7 MissE

    Hey Peter – if you can handle some country music then Brad Paisley’s songs, “Online” and “Still a Guy” are well worth having in rotation… as it “Ticks”… mainly because they are so damn funny.

  8. 8 Stefanie

    I’m growing weary of NaBloPoMo too, but it’s also sort of freeing in a way. I don’t worry too much about a post being sub-par because I know it will be in top position for only a day. That sounds like an excuse for a month of crappy posts, but somehow it works for me. Also, I decided to stick with a theme this year, so I didn’t have to come up with a different topic every day. That helped a lot.

    Also, happy birthday, Pete’s mom!

  9. 9 molly

    Happy Birthday, Mrs. PDW!

    You could have written about Betty and Veronica…I’m just saying.

  10. 10 Katie

    I don’t know what’s funnier… that you listened to that song 14 times, or the fact that you actually counted how many times you listened to it ;)

  11. 11 srah

    NaBloPoMo was a lot easier before people started sending out these random “Congratulations on completing NaBloPoMo!” emails. It’s NOT DONE YET. I’m afraid that I will fail in the last days and all of this will be for naught and I won’t win one of the awesome prizes like a hand-crocheted baby bib or something.

  12. 12 Peter

    misse: I can handle some country. (Usually old school stuff.) I don’t think I have ever heard a Brad Paisley song. Thanks for the recs.

    stefanie: A theme is a very good idea. Though my theme probably would have been “I hate you, NaBloPoMo.” I do get what you mean by “freeing.” Posts I hated, I just slapped the NaBloPoMo tag on it and felt somewhat absolved and relieved. You know, except for obsessing over the crappy post all day.

    molly: I am still laughing about that conversation. And tonight’s GG (which I saw last night) will feature a classic.

    katie: I’m going to level with you… I’m a little nuts.

  13. 13 Peter

    srah: Wait… I’m not getting these e-mails. Curses! I am also debating skipping the 30th just to be an asshole.

  14. 14 Anonymous

    Small Town Girl by Journey.
    And sing along.


  15. 15 Coal Miner's Granddaughter

    Happy Birthday, Mom! (Poor woman. Didn’t know she would someday be a mother to a bunch of faceless, twisted bloggers…)

    “I’ve Got the World On a String” by the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra. Always gets me up when I’m feeling down.

  16. 16 Wendy

    Peter, oh you KNOW what it means. Don’t even try to act like you don’t.

  17. 17 Miss Pickle

    Try “Cigarette” by Jeremy Fisher. I’ve had it on repeat for about 3 hours now. I guess I like it!

    And Happy Birthday to your Momma!

  18. 18 Amy

    I can’t believe that nowhere in the comments of the last three posts did anyone give you shit for not posting any of the topics you had us vote on the other day.

    Here’s an idea…use the next three days to write about each of three topics.

    Happy Birthday to your mom.

  19. 19 STP

    I'm been listening to Heuy Lewis & The News "Greatest Hits" album while working on spreadsheets. Love it! The album, not the spreadsheets.

  20. 20 blogging

    1. happy birthday peter’s mom.

    2. i’m thinking it should have been “dude…that was way harsh.” clueless style. like way, harsh tai. but still, like the inclusion of the word harsh.

    3. La, i LOVE THAT SONG and her ENTIRE album is AMAZING, so Peter, listen to her. sara bareilles rocks.

    4. and some songs you must listen to, from the barbie:

    -southern girl, or supply and demand by amos lee

    -silver lining, rilo kiley

    -whatever it is, different kinda fine, or toes by zac brown

    -anything by one republic or matt white

    -cycles, and my way by frank sinatra

    …and your welcome. heart you too.

    xo, bb

  21. 21 Kathy

    Happy birthday to you mom! My mom’s was yesterday and all as tempted as I was to write something schmaltzy, I wimped out and posted a picture of us when I was still in diapers. (She looked hot, though.)

    I’d give you music recs, or NaBlo idea, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Jackson Browne and posting typos from my non-blog writing. Not much help there.

  22. 22 Michelle and the City

    you could have quit and been a rebel with me. :)

    and you should listen to great big sea. i LOVE them. my favorite song? “When I’m Up (I Can’t Get Down” let me know if you like it!

    also – happy birthday peter’s mom!

  23. 23 lfar

    You know, sometimes I’m like “Why isn’t Peter a gigolo?”. Now I’ll never have to keep myself up at night, wondering! Thanks, man!

    Currently can’t get out of my head:

    Hard to live in the city (Albert Hammond Jr, a guy from the Strokes. He’s okay, but this song is pretty good)

    Can’t help falling in love (by Elvis. I never knew that song was by Elvis. And I have the version that is in the musical “all shook up” so theres some good vocals/harmonizing etc. I feel like a nerd somebody for admitting I love it)

    Steak for Chicken (by the Moldy Peaches. This song cracks me up everytime)

  24. 24 lfar

    blogging- YES silver lining by rilo kiley. Anything by rilo, really

  25. 25 JenBun

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Peter’s-Mom-DeWolf!

    I have listened to “Patience” by GNR about 19 times in the past two days, so I highly recommend that… although you probably already have it. I also recommend the themesong to “Charles in Charge”! ;)

  26. 26 Cait

    Damn, I was going to suggest Sloan but you’re already on the ball with that.
    I’m really into Dustin Kensrue too, his song I Knew You Before is pretty good.
    Otherwise all I’ve had stuck in my head is that Soulja Boy song (I swear it’s from coaching in the ghetto)

  27. 27 skinny

    first and foremost…


    songs….anything from Bryan Ferry, coolest guy on earth.

  28. 28 Clink

    So you asked me this via email but I’m going to tell you via comment (such a rebel, I am).

    Other DC songs you should download:
    -Screaming Infidelities

    Get to it.

  29. 29 blogging

    listen to clink. she knows what she’s talking about. two awesome songs.

  30. 30 Tia

    courduroy is a kickass song.

    might i suggest a little “elderly woman behind the counter in a small town” if you don’t have it already?

    and the entire alkaline trio “from here to infirmary” album.

  31. 31 Mood Indigo

    Fake Palindromes – Andrew Bird.

  32. 32 Miriam

    I’m currently in love with Robert Plant and Alison Kraus’ “Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us”

    And, no I did not let him wear the hat during the ceremony but it was on the rest of the time.


  33. 33 Susie

    Happy birthday to your mom!!

    I <3 anything by Ryan Adams (Not Bryan…Ryan) and have been listening to a lot of Stars lately too. Look at my top 22 songs on my blog…which I desperately need to update!

  34. 34 Wendy

    Stars are awesome! I honestly think they’re Canadian…I’m probably wrong though.

  35. 35 Mel

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    The Once Soundtrack. I think there is only one song you can download individually but the whole album is awesome, so I would recommend the whole thing.

    Angel by Aerosmith (thats old school)

  36. 36 twobuyfour

    The Knack – My Sharona
    Springsteen – Ramrod
    Sinatra – The Best is Yet to Come

  37. 37 Airam

    Happy Birthday Mrs. DeWolf!

  38. 38 Girl With Curious Hair

    1. Happy Birthday, Peter’s mom.
    2. I recommend Pink Martini (both Sympathique and Hang on Little Tomato) for something fun and possibly relaxing. If you like Pearl Jam that much (and who doesn’t), check out Eddie Vedder’s solo, Into the Wild.

  39. 39 Hope

    Happy Birthday Peter’s mom!

    And at the moment I am in LOVE with Kate Nash. Especially, her song Foundations (the video is adorable; very Pushing Daisies) and We Get On.


  40. 40 sid

    Happy birthday to your mom. I’m really into Alicia Key’s Wreckless Love at moment … But our taste in music might differ somewhat …

  41. 41 Keith


    Check out Matt Good’s new album. It may be his best. A little mellow but his lyrics are outstanding. It has been in my truck’s cd player for a couple of months now. and he’s canadian.

    i know you were asking for just a song but i’m not very good at taking instruction.


  42. 42 Anonymous

    If I try to sign up for NaBloPoMo next year, will you please punch me? I know it will be difficult, since you live in Canada and I live in Not-Canada, but still.

    Also, I am going to try to work “This is EXACTLY why I never became a gigolo” into conversation today. Maybe tomorrow. But sometime.

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