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After waaaay more debate and research than I am willing to cop to, I have finally ordered my new official baseball cap. I can tell you are all very excited. And here it is: I had to stick with the Blue Jays again. I just didn’t realize that there were 548,754 different types of Blue […]

Some times I look in the mirror and wonder if that dude in there lives a parallel life. One where he makes a fantastic living as a writer. Where he writes things with immediate impact, as well as things that might be read generations from now. Things that make a difference, you know? Writing that […]

It’s Monday and I have nothing for you. Ever felt too loopy to write something sensible, yet not clear-headed enough to write anything “funny?” Yeah, that’s where I am right now. I started typing up a little scene earlier. It was about a boy and a girl and a place and a conversation to be […]

Sweetie, Deal breaker? Love,Peter

He pawed at the fraying edges of his dream,Like a sailor frantically unfurling a chart.It was disappearing.Quickly.What had started as a mundane, if detailed, REM dance,had somehow morphed.Unexpectedly.Unwelcomed?He kissed her.“Oh, you can’t do that,” she whispered.After kissing him back.The guilt was severe and immediate.He apologized.“It was nothing,” she smiled (almost) dismissively.There are things that hurt […]



I decided years ago, but still well into (chronological) adulthood, that I was going to wear mittens in the winter. Not gloves. Mittens. Mittens! Dads wear gloves. And, as numerous tests have proven over the years, I’m not a dad. I could think of no reason why I would need to be able to use […]

Two posts today! Exciting, no? A brighter man would have saved this for tomorrow morning so that he wouldn’t be stressing about coming up with something to write. However, rationing and patience aren’t my things. Neither is common sense, apparently. So, I went to the eye specialist today. It isn’t a big deal. I had […]