Too busy having fun with The ACN to write a real post….


My blog went down Friday morning. (!!!!!) So, I had to contact my web host. After 25 minutes on hold (grrring at sitar music), I began checking the website and finally got to “talk” to a “live” operator online. I copied our chat and will now share it with you.


We are currently experiencing an issue with one of our shared storage devices, this may result in you having problems accessing your website or e-mail. We apologize for this unplanned outage, Our team is currently working to resolve the issue, we will update this message with new information as it becomes available.

You are now chatting with ‘Nancy Smith’
Peter DeWolf: hi nancy
Peter DeWolf: was checking if there were any updates
Nancy Smith: Hi Peter. My name is Nancy, how are you today?
Peter DeWolf: i’m a little stressed, nancy
Nancy Smith: How can I help you today?
Peter DeWolf: but, i am listening to regina spektor, so i am maintaining
Peter DeWolf: was wondering if there was any news on when my site might be back up
Nancy Smith: I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Nancy Smith: Currently we are experiencing the issue with our internal tools.
Nancy Smith: Please try to contact us after 1 hour.
Peter DeWolf: it’s not me, nancy. i have a blog. my readers depend on me. i am like a god to those people
Peter DeWolf: ok, nancy.
Nancy Smith: Thank you for chatting with us. Please feel free to contact us at any time. We are available 24×7.
Peter DeWolf: Rock on.


9 Responses to “Too busy having fun with The ACN to write a real post….”

  1. 1 lspoon

    Was that really your chat? Because the human bot on the other end had no sense of humor :)

    I hope you’re having tons of fun with the ACN!

  2. 2 Peter

    lspoon: That was exactly what was said. I am not sure her name was really “Nancy.”

    Have a bunch of fun!

  3. 3 seven

    Hahahaha… this made me giggle.
    You’re listening to Regina Spektor, so you’re maintaining? I love it.

  4. 4 mindy

    I don’t know what you’re whining about – Nancy seemed perfectly helpful to me.

  5. 5 tNb

    So that’s where Helpful Nancy ended up! I heard she quit working at TELUS but didn’t believe it.

  6. 6 raven-smiles

    I had a similar “live chat” with Time Warner. I got nowhere. It was ridiculous. Although, I do think that “my guy” was real, but it didn’t help at all. I think I’m going to steal your idea and post my chat as well.


  7. 7 Susie

    Hahah that’s soo funny. And kind of sad too.

  8. 8 Pretty Pretty Princess

    Man, the people skills those customer service human bots have amaze every damn time!

  9. 9 lfar

    Okay, at a summer program I did in grade 11 I interacted with better AI than that. That’s insulting.

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