When there are two equally adorable poses to choose from…


You pick both!

There was a third pose that was also pretty friggin’ cute.


16 Responses to “When there are two equally adorable poses to choose from…”

  1. 1 mindy


  2. 2 Ashley

    Awwwwww so precious!!! She looks so happy :)

  3. 3 sidewaysrain

    I love how in the first one she’s SO EXCITED. Picture time! Yesssss.

  4. 4 Susie

    Adorable! She looks so happy :)

  5. 5 lspoon

    I think I just went into sugar shock from the sweetness!

  6. 6 poodlegoose

    She has an amazing smile.

  7. 7 Rachel

    awww bless!!!!
    I love when kids loose a tooth they always want to smile THAT much bigger!!!!!
    Sooo cute!
    you should out up the third one!!!

  8. 8 thestoryofagirl

    Awww. And more..Aww!! I can’t handle it. Too..Adorable.

  9. 9 Steph

    Now THAT’S a smile.

  10. 10 Libby

    how cute. she’s got a smile that lights up her whole face.

  11. 11 Hope

    Awwww, smiling children just make my day.

    And that first picture? Her expression of pure joy? That’s made my week!

  12. 12 each of the two

    i vote numba two!

    and now all i can think of is that song, “all i want for chirstmas is my two front teeth”- adorable.

  13. 13 Clink

    This one…I can’t even deal.

    She’s got such a sparkle in her eyes.

  14. 14 Hellafied

    The first one, definitely. She’s an angel, Peter.

  15. 15 Airam

    So cute!

  16. 16 J

    She is so adorable! Love that super-happy smile!

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