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Sometimes people think that, because I blog about The ACN and The Monkey, I just love all kids. Not so. I actually think some kids are little assholes. True story. I do adore my two little twerps, of course. And I like other little goofs that I am related to. I like kids that are […]

I wasn’t in the mood to write any fiction (or even “fiction”) for you characters today. Sooooooo there. However, I was somewhat in the mood to blog, so I figured that I would take 5 minutes and post whatever was on my mind. And now I will, you know, if I ever finish this intro. […]



They got along well.Well…As well as could be expected.The egoist and “his” fiery redhead.“An erection deferred is an erection denied,”He reminded, to no avail.winsome equals win someHe hoped.“Peter Pan is not so complex,” she mused.Frequently.Yes, he was all hers.But, chips don’t always stay up.Walls aren’t always back-free.And so…“Thank you for that,” she whispered,through tears of […]

title: “steve the freelance detective who happens to be technically unemployed (not because he is lazy or unskilled, but because there was an unforeseen down turn in the tech industry and that shit could happen to anybody, motherfuckers, so don’t be judging.)” he was just a guy, a simple guy,who thought everyone can choose to […]

The wind and snow hit him in the face. Biting. It searched frantically for openings in his clothing. Any way in. Walking to the party had seemed like a good idea. Earlier. Still, he was already halfway up his block and he had snow in his shoes. Shoes that made no noise as he walked. […]

Before I tell you exactly what would have to go down to cause such a thing to happen, allow me to first give you a little background on film in general. (This will, sadly, require me to take a break from my current activities, which mostly involve creating an interpretive dance to Dire Straits’ “Romeo […]

She folded and re-folded her napkin. She rehearsed lines in her head. I leaned forward, as if that would somehow help draw them out. No dice. The deep breaths that were let out slowly. The glistening of pre-tears in her eyes. I knew what was coming. And I worried about the expression on my face. […]