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Me and the twerp had a fun long weekend. Lots of cuddles. Lots of silliness. Some looking for bunnies in the park. The weather didn’t co-operate, so we couldn’t do much outside. We had to be creative coming up with fun things to do. One afternoon she spent an hour with my Dad, learning about […]

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Taking a 30 second break from feeding The ACN some yogurt, I tried to reply to an e-mail. She did not like this idea. “UNC! UNC! UNC!” So, I resumed my duties. But, I was curious. “Munchkinpants, when the ladies at school make you wait for a minute, do you yell at them?” She shook […]

behind the curtainof a ballsy fragilitythere lives an easethat was not easythere exists a gracethat is not always gracefulbeauty can maskcheekbones that sometimes look sadwhen they are smilingeven grin determinationneeds downtimethe prize is still thereeven if the eyes closebrieflybutthere is no more time for thatthe curtain goes back upit is show timeagain

I was told that I wasn’t allowed to erase “Camp Rock.” But, The Monkey eventually eased up on her stance and said that I could delete it “when it comes out on DVD.” “Is it coming out anytime soon?” “Uh, no!” In the first 48 hours after I recorded it, she watched it three times. […]

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I don’t know her. Yet I can’t help but wonder —not that I’ve tried very hard to resist —if she knows. Her power. She has to know. More than tanned skinand distractingly dangerous curves.It isGolden promise frozen in time. An image and an unheard soundtrackconspiring to shine.aspiring to… Perfectionof the unknown.Affection for the unknowing. An […]

Friday eveningCasa de Pete The Monkey (my 11 year old cousin, for you newcomers) is watching TV. She sees an ad for something and completely loses her mind. “Oh my God… OH MY GOD! Camp Rock!!!!!” I stare at her blankly. “It’s on tomorrow night, Peter! Oh no… I am going away for the weekend. […]