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I strode up towards the door.I was feeling it.Hair looked good.Clothes looked good.It was one of those nights.You know?Chicken I had for dinner was a little questionable.But, I was ignoring that.I was feeling it.The Jam was being Pumped Up insideold-school style.I pulled out my VIP pass —since I am v i.V v i.Then I saw […]

The Clubhouse


Kitty Cat likes spending time in her grandpa’s shed clubhouse. The other afternoon, they were out there playing — and calling for snacks to be delivered. A couple of hours later, munchkinpants came back with nails that looked like this: (She has matching toenails too!) Now, my father is a big burly guy. He left […]



After brief consideration was given to “FartDog,” Kitty Cat has decided that her new name is Poo Poo. This should not be confused with this, this or him. I have discovered that when Poo Poo is yelling at me, I can put my nose against her cheek, gently poke her repeatedly in the shoulder with […]



The ACN now prefers to have her pigtails referred to as “pretty horns.” (With an assist to HRC.) Also, ACN would now prefer to be called “Kitty Cat.” She brought her panda named “L’il Oreo.” She also has an “Oreo” panda. And a “Pierre Trudeau” panda. She had been here only 14 hours when she […]

Tinny pangsof an AM radio memorywashed over. Richnessseemingly varying inversely torichnessWords danced with words,flipping off phrases. Not quite tuned soundsof perfection.Rushingand savouringand needingto take it all in.Before(And there is always aBefore.)All darting back into the bushes. Occasionally peaking out. Before(Again!)Disappearinguntil the next time.Corners of a mouth trending up. Bemused appreciation.Moving on.Accidentally lighter.Thankfully freerBut, alwaysAlwaysKeeping an […]

twerp tornado


The Monkey and her folks had been away for the weekend at an inn/lodge/resort type deal. Yesterday afternoon, I went to visit my uncle (her grandfather) and found her sitting by the pool. She was leaning back in her chair, looking world-weary. I walked up the stairs towards her. “Hi, goof.” She turned her head […]

Familiar ache.It’s that cold slap of platonic,you say to yourself.Not allowed to admit itto her.You suppose.Rules. And all.Clothes you are not permitted to noticemaking love to curves that leadwhere gaze can’t follow.How can you not have thoughts?You ask yourself.Yourself is already convinced.Of course.It’s easy.You compliment.As little as possible.As much as is permitted.You smile.You change the […]