my midnight confession


Tinny pangs
of an AM radio memory
washed over.
seemingly varying inversely to
Words danced with words,
flipping off phrases.
Not quite tuned sounds
of perfection.
and savouring
and needing
to take it all in.
(And there is always a
All darting back into the bushes.
Occasionally peaking out.
until the next time.
Corners of a mouth trending up.
Bemused appreciation.
Moving on.
Accidentally lighter.
Thankfully freer
But, always
Keeping an eye on those bushes.


2 Responses to “my midnight confession”

  1. 1 Pink's Pal

    This reminds me of Pinknest. I don’t know why…

  2. 2 JenBun

    I seriously don’t know how many more times I can tell you what an outstanding writer you are…

    Another amazing word doodle!

    I adore “Words danced with words,/ flipping off phrases.”; “Rushing/ and savouring/ and needing/ to take it all in.”; and “Corners of a mouth trending up.”

    *sigh* Your word doodles might make me more dreamy-eyed than a guy playing “Patience” on an acoustic guitar…

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