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Talking to my Adorably Cute Niece (and sister) on the phone last night. My sister: Tell Uncle Pete about your fit de hissy this morning. ACN: Hee hee hee. Peter: Munchkin, did you have a fit de hissy at the store? Sister: No, at home. Peter: Munchkin, why did you have a fit de hissy? […]

A partial list of things that Cranky Pete likes right now: – You– Liverpool starting the season 2-0– That feisty little bulldog Joe Biden. A partial list of things that Cranky Pete does NOT like right now: – You– Those assholes in the eharmony commercials– “Mad Men” I don’t get AMC on my dish, so […]



Just finished Draft 1.5 of this!! So tiiiiiiiiiired.

The only reason I recorded ENCHANTED the other night is because I have a crush on Amy Adams. And I’ll thank you not to judge. Hmmph.

My father bought my mother an anniversary card the other day. On the cover it says: “Who is the best wife in the world? YOU! And who is the luckiest spouse in the world?” Then you open it and it says: “Oh, it’s still you.” And there is a mirror.

it’s a rare thing —rarer than most realize —when want and need intersectsadly some don’t realizeuntil have has leftechoes of lesson learnedfighting to be heardover words still unsaidtoo late cuts through the dina road clearly markeda destination plain to seeand still you don’twant to admitbrave faces have the most linesthe same words writtenin slightly different […]



I guest blogged. Go. Read. Love. Marvel. Comment.