I rarely win


So, The Monkey showed up at my house last night at 8:30. In her jammies.

I was in my room watching Canadian Idol. (Beatles night and all 5 dudes were very good — even my cousin Mitch.)

She marched into my room, eating a cookies and cream chocolate bar, said, “Hey, dude” and hopped on the foot of my bed.

She wanted to watch the season finale of The Mole that I had recorded. We had watched every episode this season together. I told her that I wanted to watch Canadian Idol, but she could watch The Mole in the living room.

She made sadface.

She said, “No. I am going to go home then.”

I said, “You don’t need me.”

“No.” Another sad face.

“I don’t mind.”

“It’s no fun without you, Peter.”

I said, “Fiiiiine.” And got off of my bed.

She started walking out of the room in front of me and mumbled, “I triiicked you.”


Edit to add: The Monkey said, “I don’t care if Mitch is your cousin, I am voting for Mookie.

Edit to add AGAIN: I am still protesting a little over the painful ouster of my man Oliver Pigott.


5 Responses to “I rarely win”

  1. 1 mindy

    I’ve said this 100 times and I’ll say it 100 more: she’s my kinda girl.

  2. 2 Ben

    I was in your neck of the woods over the weekend, me thinks. That, or there are just random Vote For Mitch signs scattered throughout the universe. I would’ve looked you up but that would’ve been more than a little creepy. Plus I was crazy busy with all the poontang in South West Margaree. Don’t laugh.

  3. 3 Deutlich

    these stories ALWAYS amuse me

  4. 4 JenBun

    Want me to tell you about The Mole?!? I have heard the “insiders’ perspectives”… ;)

    I love that she tricks you EVERY time!!

    And I don’t live in Canada OR vote on Canadian Idol… but I think Ollie should have won.

  1. 1 Monkey B-day « PeterDeWolf.com

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