That goes in my big book of "So there!"s


The only reason I recorded ENCHANTED the other night is because I have a crush on Amy Adams.

And I’ll thank you not to judge. Hmmph.


8 Responses to “That goes in my big book of "So there!"s”

  1. 1 Ben

    She was Marilyn Monroe-delicious in Ms Pettigrew Lives For A Day

    Yeah…I can be that gay.

  2. 2 JenBun

    And the reason you now know all the songs is… ??? ;)

  3. 3 CamiKaos

    you could have said it was for your nieces…

    someone might have believed you.

  4. 4 MissE

    awww – poor Peter.

    On the other hand, there are some rather funny moments in that film.

    plus James Marsden and Patrick Dempsey… although that’s more for me than you.

  5. 5 jamelah

    Sure, Peter. Suuuuuuuuure.

  6. 6 Miss Milk

    Who can blame you? I think I would too if I was male or a lesbian.

  7. 7 mindy

    That is a very cute movie. Do not apologize.

    Also, Patrick Dempsey is in it and he’s HOT!

  8. 8 Heidi

    awww you don’t need to apologize :) It was a cute movie and amy adams is freakin’ adorable.

    Have no shame!

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