Just Peter Being Peter


What Peter means:

“Yeah, your friend is cute.”

What Peter says:

“She looks like that pretty girl who was in your high school class. But, because she was so quiet, nothing ever happened between you. Also, you thought you were cool shit. Then you meet up with her after college and she’s gotten even hotter. You two have a fling. She balks when you try to get serious. She remembers you hooking up with three of her friends back in the day. Then she calls off the fling completely. You are bummed. She leaves you alone, late at night, eating Double-Stuffed Oreos, finding new meaning in Coldplay songs, and wishing that she’d just give you the chance to show her how much you’ve changed and grown.”*

[*Direct quote from an IM chat with Ashley.]


3 Responses to “Just Peter Being Peter”

  1. 1 AnTo

    Aw…bummer…that sucks Peter…but, actually, I think people don´t change, well most of them.

  2. 2 JenBun

    You are wordy.

    But look at the power of your example!

    They always tell writers to SHOW me, don’t TELL me… you do both! ;)

  3. 3 notthelifeiordered

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words…Peter you exemplify that.

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