If Sarah Palin, David Caruso and Chuck Bass watched the episode of "Saved by the Bell" where Jessie takes the caffeine pills…


Sarah Palin: Ooooh well, if that was my daughter, I would know what was going into her body —

Chuck Bass: Repeatedly.

Jessie Spano: (on tv) I’m so excited! I’m so excited…

David Caruso: I have a feeling… that excitement… won’t last.

Sarah Palin: She might be a witch, you know.

Chuck Bass: This bores me. Let’s spice things up.

Sarah Palin: In what respect, Charlie? As a hockey mom, I always carry snacks.

David Caruso: (taking off sunglasses) Those gummy worms… give me… the trots.


11 Responses to “If Sarah Palin, David Caruso and Chuck Bass watched the episode of "Saved by the Bell" where Jessie takes the caffeine pills…”

  1. 1 jamelah

    First of all, I was just talking to someone about the episode of Saved by the Bell where Jessie takes the caffeine pills. Eerie.

    Second of all, ha. David Caruso. What a tool.

  2. 2 JenBun

    There should be more putting on and taking off of sunglasses. I like the drama.

    I’m so… SCARED!

    (Best episode to make fun of, ever!!)

  3. 3 Tia

    i heart chuck bass.

  4. 4 Stacy

    The visuals I am getting after reading this are disturbingly hilarious!

  5. 5 Sarah

    I shouldn’t tell you this because we’ve only just met, but I happen to know all the words to the aerobics music video song in that episode. “Rock and rollll, you ain’t seen nothin yet.”

    I sort of hate myself right now.

  6. 6 Peter

    jamelah: That episode is an absolute classic.

    jenbun: Caruso is too much.

    tia: He killed his mother!

    stacy: Excellent. That is what I was going for!

    sarah: I could not be more impressed by that. Seriously.

  7. 7 AnTo

    I think Chuck Bass would just click his fingers and have the room full of whores, coke and who knows :P but I can´t stop loving him anyway..and no, I don´t love Ed Westwick, I love Chuck.

  8. 8 Dana

    lol…too funny!

  9. 9 MissE

    David Caruso would be putting the sunnies back on, Peter… he’s making a ‘serious point’ and the sunnies are his exclamation point.

    Who the hell … told that guy he … could act?

  10. 10 Bill

    I may be too old to get all of the pop culture references (although I do know who Chuck Bass is) but I have a hunch you and I may have both played hockey, and I defy you to tell me you wouldn’t gladly take snacks from “the hockey mom” . . .

  11. OMG! That is soooo brilliant! Thank you! You made my day!!!!

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