Word Doodlepalooza Day 1: twobuyfour edition


Welcome to the opening of Word Doodlepalooza. Don’t forget to submit your own doodles to take part. (They can be anonymous.)

Our first contributor is twobuyfour — who apparently also thinks that titles are for suckas. Suckas!

School’s out.
I walk home alone.
Carrying my own books
because stupid Brenda
has bigger breasts.
Walking past
house after house.
Brenda’s breasts fifty feet ahead.
Brenda’s books get carried.
Stupid Jeff will do anything
for breasts.
Day after day.
Laughter from the stupids.
This morning I checked.
Still no breasts.
Still no one to carry
my heavy books.


8 Responses to “Word Doodlepalooza Day 1: twobuyfour edition”

  1. Love it, it reeks of emotion and teen angst.

  2. how can I submit my wordoodle.

  3. what´s a wordoodle? :(

  4. I didn’t know titles were part of our grade. I would have titled it Brenda’s Breasts, but then it would not have been taken as seriously as it deserves.

    Either way, I hope I win the prize!

  5. Chloe: You can e-mail it to me.

    Anto: What ISN’T a word doodle, is the question.

    twobuyfour: This isn’t a contest. Sharing your doodle with the world is prize enough.

  6. Stupid Brenda.

    Nice work, twobuyfour!

    (Peter, I will send mine. Promise. Hooray!)

  7. Ha ha ha. This is friggin brilliant.

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