Word Doodlepalooza Day 3: Matt Weld edition


Colin Powell endorsed me months ago, but you didn’t hear me bragging about it.

Oh, and Matt Weld has kindly made a contribution to Word Doodlepalooza.

Seasonal Eating


My wife calls it bingeing

I call it instinct

My friend says,

“Seasonal Eating – again”


April means June is coming

June means no shirt


Better run,

Protein shakes,

6 small ones.



My birthday’s in October.

What better way

To celebrate me

Than steak

And chocolate cake?


Mmm. Pass me an oreo

(or 12)


3 Responses to “Word Doodlepalooza Day 3: Matt Weld edition”

  1. Hooray, let’s celebrate your birthday!

    Cupcakes with Oreos on top!!! :P

  2. Answering to JenBun..yeahhh, I propose a bloggers orgy :P

  3. I’m starting to fall in love with Word Doodlepalooza …

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