Word Doodlepalooza Day 5: B. Luis Grey edition


I thought that I had invented the word “adorkable.” But, alas, it is right there in the urban dictionary. And the urban dictionary don’t lie. It was a cold slap of reality, I tell ya. But, you can’t keep me down, the urban dictionary. Ohhhhh no. I will come up with other words. Suck on that!

On a largely unrelated note, B. Luis Grey would like to share this doodle with y’all.

Antarctica Needs You!

The King of Antarctica Needs you
If the weather is bearable
There’s an account with tons of
money involved. Is a million sound
reasonable? Well, Times that
by 10.
There has be a coupe in my country.
The folks with penguine suits
have dethroned the king. He is
now a refugee in Greenland. If you
can lead a team of special
Polar Bears into Antarctica, you
could be the person who
saves the kingdom and ushers
the king back to this rightful
Please respond quickly! Time is running out.


2 Responses to “Word Doodlepalooza Day 5: B. Luis Grey edition”

  1. sounds like you need Mumble to promote the recruitment of helpers :P

  2. Is this a SPAM doodle?! ;)

    Seriously, very fun. I like how you played with the grammar.

    And, ha! “If the weather is bearable”– like polar bears!

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