Word Doodlepalooza: Me edition


So, dumplings, that is that for the first annual Word Doodlepalooza.  I want to thank everyone who read and commented.  And I especially want to give HUGE thanks to everyone who bravely submitted doodles.  I hope that you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

But, you didn’t really think I could go all week without posting one of my own, did you?  *cough* Glory whore.  *cough*

“Jenny Lewis was playing when I wrote this”

i like that you wear
a scarf with your t-shirt
when you don’t have to
i enjoy staring
at the finger-made curls
slowly falling out of your hair
i think it’s endearing that you
chew your straws
love anyone with the
same name as you
stop to play
with every dog you see
and i try
i try hard to embrace
the perfection on paper
i try not to see
the truth
that you knew before me
that despite it all
i’d rather not be with her
than be with you


7 Responses to “Word Doodlepalooza: Me edition”

  1. Curly haired girls are where it’s at.

  2. scarves with t-shirts…I like it too :P

  3. Thanks for hosting – it was fun!

  4. very nice.

  5. Hey, glory whore, I love this!


    Especially the last two lines…



    (Excellent end to an amazing Palooza!!)

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