So, yeah, I wrote a book.



It is called #$@%ing Read Me!

It’s a novella, really. 

The Old Man and the Sea is also a novella.  But mine has few to no appearances by giant marlins.

Basically my novella is a romantic comedy… about cancer.

It’s that old “Boy meets girl.  Boy gets girl.  Girl gets life-threatening disease.  Boy tries to make it better.   Boy screws up A LOT” story.

You know the one?

So…  Go!  Buy!

Big thanks goes out to special musical guest Oliver Pigott. (Yes, books CAN have musical guests.)  And also to very helpful editors: Lil’ Irish Lass and JenBun.

– PS My novella will fit in your pocket.  Now you can have me in your pants any time you want!  Oh…  Wait.


33 Responses to “So, yeah, I wrote a book.”

  1. 1 deutlich

    oh neat!

  2. awesome.

  3. Whoa…congrats!

  4. 4 mich

    uhhh…nice build up
    so, where is it?

  5. 5 Deanna

    AWESOME!!!! I am definately going to buy~

  6. Jealous! I wish I had the motivation. Super proud of you!

  7. Yeah you did!

    It is a MUST-READ! For everybody.



  8. YAYS for you!

    I am working on mine too.

    Your finished product inspires me to want to finish my product. THANKS!

  9. So basically… you’re going to copy Love Story?


  10. very very nice. can’t wait to have you, er, the novella in my pants!!

  11. Buying. Right now.

  12. 12 123Valerie

    High-five, Peter! Can’t wait to get my copy. Hope this scores you lots of smart chicks!

  13. Good for you, Peter. Congratulations :)

    Looking forward to reading this again ;)

  14. Why THE HELL didn’t you tell me about this? I know you sent the draft a while back, but this is big time! I mean, I can PURCHASE this thing!??? Peter, I am so god damned proud of you.

  15. Congrats, buddy!

  16. Congrats!

  17. nice …NICE!

  18. A book…wowzers! Now I feel lazy. I hope you saved some good stuff for NaNoWriMo.

  19. I want you in my pants Peter!

  20. ooo something to read.
    only if it’s signed with a kiss!

  21. 22 steph

    Congratulations sweet heart. I will definitely fork over the cashola to have you in my pants. Well done!

  22. A novella. You give way too much.

  23. 24 Sarah

    Good lord, Peter… you’re such an over-achiever.

    P.S, that rhymes. If you ever need to write a book about rhyming, you know who to call.

  24. Yay, congrats!

  25. You are totally going to leave all the little people behind, aren’t you?

  26. Oooooh! Although if you ever take this mass-market, I hate to tell you this, but you might need a better title. I could be wrong though – I mean, “#$@%ing Read Me!” does have a nice ring to it! :D

  27. 28 whythulc

    I found you through Brandy. I read the preview that Lulu has, and I couldn’t stop turning pages. I can’t wait to read the whole thing!

    Congrats! :)

  28. 29 beth

    i LOVE your book! i’ve told all my family and friends (and read parts out-loud to my husband lol) so be prepared for more sales soon!!! =) best thing i’ve read in a while and you actually had to live it and then write it… so kudos & thanks, thanks, THANKS for being talented enough to share!

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