Top 10 Pick-up lines to use on girls who voted for Obama


“I just want to spread the wealth… in my pants.”

“I believe in the audacity of grope.”

“When it comes to the “troops,” I favour a gradual and safe pull-out.”

“Socialists share it with everybody.”

“Once you go Barack, you never go… bock.”

“I believe in transparency when it comes to government… and your underwear.”

“It won’t be easy, it won’t be quick, but you and I know that it is time to come together.”

“To support our soldiers, I’ll pay for hummers.”

“You can sit down on my face without preconditions.”

“If anything happens to me midway through, Joe Biden will finish the job.”


15 Responses to “Top 10 Pick-up lines to use on girls who voted for Obama”

  1. 1 Hope

    That’s what she said.


    P.S These are awesome.

  2. I’m about to go vote. Maybe I’ll try one or two… OK, maybe I’ll just wait until my wife gets home.

  3. Wow. Just, wow.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i love it! Go Obama :)

  5. those would all win me over :)


  6. Hahahaha. Those are hilarious. The last one is totally my favorite. :)

  7. Alright Canadian friends, lets use our telepathic energy to the U.S. today hoping their election turns out better than ours did.

    Also, I wouldn’t want Joe Biden in my pants… just sayin.

  8. Fortunately for you and your pick-up lines, this is an election of HOPE!

    (Cupcake sof hope! Wheee!!!)

  9. 9 Lindsay

    Wow, these are spectacularly raunchy! A friend of mine is hosting a Red and Blue Party tonight to watch the votes come in and these lines would fit right into the mood of the party, since they are already serving Bailout Beer and Donkey Punch.

  10. HAHA! Those were pretty darn funny!

  11. haha. these are pretty funny.

  12. oh these are just horrible. but I like them! :)

  13. I’d like to you try one of those out … Let us know if it works.

  14. diiiiirty
    Go forth and try them out. Return and report.

  15. bahahaha ill admit some of those may just work on me and im not even American!!

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