yes you did


Dear Americans,

Thanks for not fucking up.


I mean, I mostly had faith it you.  But, in my darkest hours, I had some doubts.  Can you blame me?  While I was convinced that the majority of you saw what I saw, in the back of my head there was a concerned voice.

I think it was Al Gore’s.

I stayed up until 2 AM watching it all.  I was probably as excited and as moved as any non-American could be.

I tried to soak in every moment of it.  I also tried to pay attention to others soaking it in.  When political pundits are on the verge of tears, you know that something special is happening.

Now that the hard-work is set to begin, I find myself less worried than I expected.  While I know that governing is much different than campaigning, being able to survive numerous harsh attacks while continuing on with the same class and focus is a good starting spot for any leader.

The whole thing, and a lack of sleep, has me in a weird head space.  And I know that there is an articulate way to express it.  I just can’t find it.  If forced, I would say…

“Possibility” feels more tangible today.

If a dude whose middle name is “Hussein” can become President, I think each of us has a shot at accomplishing some stuff.  You know? No matter what it is.

I’ve never lacked the belief that I could do stuff.   Trust me.

But today feels like a day for dreaming bigger.

I guess that’s hope, eh?

It’s like a hug for your imagination and confidence.

I like it.


16 Responses to “yes you did”

  1. Well put!

  2. For once, the whole of Canada breathes a collective sigh of relief thanks to the Americans.

  3. You’re right to remember that the hard work hasn’t even started. Campaigning and winning an election is child’s play compared to the real work the US needs to do, starting in January.

    Although he wasn’t my #1 Dem pick for the Presidency (or my #2, or my #3…), I’m proud of our country and confident that with Obama at the helm, things will start looking up down here.

  4. I like it!

    Does this mean you’re going to start writing that full-length novel now?? ;)

    YES WE DID!!!

  5. I like it too…. :)

  6. Obama has a HUGE job in front of him. I’m so glad I’m not president. haha!

  7. Exactly.

  8. 8 J

    I would also like to thank my fellow Americans for not fucking it up. I was scared but hopeful. I love the U.S. right now.

  9. It was a good night!

  10. I’m running on a total lack of sleep today, too, but you managed to pull out far more eloquence than I did.

    I still almost can’t believe this is real. Believe me, I had my doubts just like you did.

  11. Couldn´t agree more. Can you imagine an Argentinian watching cnn until Obama finally gave his presidential speech? Yes! I had a midterm but I didn´t fucking care! I wanted to be informed, I wanted to see if the USA were really able to make a change…sigh

  12. it was definitely a night to remember.

  13. You’re welcome.

  14. yes yes yes!

  15. 15 mindy

    i’m awesone. and now some other americans are too.

  16. Erm remember Saddam Hussein? Think he was President of a country. Or dictator. Whatever. Think what you meant to say is that if someone with a name like Hussein can become president of America … Anyway, yeah I’m so proud of those Americans.

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