I know how it is…


It’s Friday.  You are not feeling at all motivated to do any work.  You are slightly hungover, but trying to hide it.  You are wearing the same clothes as last night.  You can’t tell if you have both contacts in.  You are resisting the urge to put your head down on the desk.  Just for a minute.  Just to rest your eyes…

I feel for you, my little smurflings.

I do.

But we are not the first to go through this.  For as long as their have been days of the week, there have been end of week doldrums.

Historians talk about the same phenomenon in Ancient Rome.  For realsies.  I made a C- in an intro to history course (*cough* with open book exams *cough*) in university, so I know from what I speak.

Building aqueducts all week can get old.  And constructing new buildings?  “Oh you want columns?  Bold choice, motherfucker.”  So by Friday they had enough.  Of course their Fridays might involve a flooded Circus Maximus and them having to fight off lions wearing floaties.  But, still…

Even the Amish experience it.  You think that by Friday afternoon they aren’t sick of churning butter?  They get to the point where they are all, “You know what?  Fuck a barn raising.  Hitch up my wagon.  I’m going to the city to get me a hooker.  One whose dress has… a zipper!”  True story.

And while it is clearly a common experience, I still hate to see you suffer.  I want to give you something fun to do to kill time today.

Sooooo I would like to direct your attention, once again, to my novella. If you look over on the left side, you’ll see that you can read a little preview.   It’s the first nine or ten pages!

Reading that can eat up a little chunk of your day.

And then you could buy five copies!

Kidding.  I’m kidding.

Four will do.

9 Responses to “I know how it is…”

  1. Actually the preview is 12 pages… only the 12th page is blank… damn you!

    off to make my purchase :P

  2. I love that you said “for realsies.” And fighting lions wearing floaties? Hee hee hee!

    For some reason, this Friday isn’t so bad… ;)

    Everyone reading this should absolutely buy 10 copies of your book! It would make a great stocking stuffer for Christmas… :)

    Tee hee, “little smurflings.” OK, this just made my day EVEN better!

  3. You´re the shit dude!!!!!! I love your book so far…I guess you´ll have to write more :( Poor Melissa…well, if you write this amount of pages a day, that means I´ll be able to purchase my copy once I´m in the USA :p

  4. “Fuck a barn raising” might be my new favourite phrase ever.

  5. 5 deutlich

    I’m definitely not feeling motivated.. so I haven’t done anything.

    At all.

  6. I love how Canadians say “I made a C- in an intro to history course” – I MADE a C-. Everyone knows you say you GOT a C-. How did you MAKE it? Out of paper?


  7. hookers with zippers are time wasters. spandex, that’s the key.

  8. I guess I’m lucky because I got a lot of work done yesterday=)

  9. 9 Miranda

    I don’t really comment on blogs often but read yours a lot – well, like twice a week I catch up on it. And I am seriously considering buying your book.
    I like Canada, so, buy Canadian and all that. I’m not Canadian so unsure if I should subscribe to that line of thinking, it’s entirely possible that it doesn’t even exist – long time since I lived in Canada.

    Basically, what I wanted to say was, I’m a stranger and I’m going to buy your book.

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