I’m not just too sexy for MY cat, I’m too sexy for ALL cats


I do this thing, you know, where the most obvious knowledge nuggets in the world amaze me.  For example, this past week I spent a lot of time with relatives and one day it dawned on me, “Wow.  We share a lot of the same traits.”

Shocking, right?

I have a cousin from Ontario.  I see him every couple of years.  He’s… 27?  Ish.  Maybe?  Whatever.  I think he may be the relative with the most similar wiring to my own.  (Well, my niece and I are also very similar — tall, cute, modest…)

Dude is also tall and sarcastic.  And he knows that the funniest references are always pop culture references from the ’80s.

At one point the other day a conversation eventually led to wild meat that I enjoy.

Peter:  I pretty much like anything that can be made into a burger.   Moose, deer, small Asian families and…

Cousin: Panda bears.

See?  That is the exact correct item to go next in that sequence.  

It’s like the SATs for the DNA of completely random loons. (CRLs.)


8 Responses to “I’m not just too sexy for MY cat, I’m too sexy for ALL cats”

  1. Genewhats?!

  2. lol! I’m glad you’re back, I missed you and have to fill my blog with gadgets because I couldn’t stand the boredom anymore :(

  3. 3 e to the koh.

    why would you make my family into a burger? WHY?!

  4. I love that your each branch of your family tree has a Completely Random Loon sitting in it!

    But panda burgers? That’s just gross.


  5. Is your cousin as hot as you?

  6. Cracking up.

  7. Oh yes, totally related. Might even be your twin?

  8. making a burger out of an asian family isn’t modest. ;)

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