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As you all know, today is the anniversary of the day that Edward Bransfield sighted the Trinity Peninsula and claimed the discovery of Antarctica. It is also the Feast of Boshtoc in the Klingon Calendar* However I think we should also make this International “Admit Something That Makes You Look Bad” Day. You probably got that from reading […]

I haven’t been bloggy lately.  And that continues, really.  But I have been trying to do some work on the new novel idea. Typically all I need to write is time.  (And having a cute girl to try to show off for ALWAYS helps.) However there is a certain process that I follow when I […]

When I am feeling bloggy, I can typically just sit down, crack open my WordPress dealie and start typing.  Stuff comes out. When I am feeling VERY bloggy, entire blog posts pop into my head while I am showering, sitting down, watching TV, etc. Lately I haven’t been feeling bloggy.  (I did “start” a new […]

I think that you should be allowed to dig into the archives from time to time. I present… “A Facebook Love Story”

Last night I got an e-mail from Susie of and Everyone Loves a Boston Girl fame. I was hesitant to open it as her Celtics had beaten my Raptors in overtime the night before. After the Raptors had led most of the game. Curses! While Susie is a sweetiepie, she is also a fan […]

i like you i know i’m not supposed to tell you i should wait three days to call i should act aloof i should NEVER give myself a prison tattoo of your name i’m guessin’ but i try to tell you in little ways you smile at me i program the killer robot i’m building […]

Apparently that is when you de-lurk. Surprising, right? I wrote a post about it last year. So, why don’t you de-lurk and tell me… a fun fact about you.