i like to think that she is out there
and that she is wishing that
she’d meet a nice guy
yet be willing to settle for me
i expect that by now 
her standards and defenses are down
that’s gotta help me
i like to think that she is out there
smart and warm
and kind and funny
real in that way
that too few are
i like to think that she is out there
oh yeah
and that she puts out LIKE A DEMON!


16 Responses to “think”

  1. I really, really loved this.

    So much so that I refuse to make a wise crack about it. I’ll leave that to your far wittier readers.

  2. You always RUIN it at the end!!! Kidding!
    And for the record, you are not one to be settled for. You are that guy she wishes to meet.

  3. Thanks for writing a post about me. Who knew you knew me so well? ;)

  4. Somehow, and this is probably sad, the phrase “like a demon” got the song “like a virgin” in my head.

  5. I KNEW there was going to be a twist at the end. I would expect nothing else, of course.

  6. Told you.


  7. 7 Far

    Youre all about girls who put out lol.. why even bother with the rest :P

  8. 8 BS

    I’d like the male version please. In a size 6’2″.

  9. I’m with BS – 6’2, maybe 6’4 so I could wear heels and not have people look at me like I’m weird for being taller than the guy I’m dating (like I can help it).

  10. Replace the he’s with she’s… the she’s with he’s… and guy with girl… and that is what I really wanted for Christmas… in the 6’4″ model please!

  11. were you talking about me?? if i was single, i’d be all up on it!

  12. i like your blog! :)

  13. Awesome.

    I had no idea demons put out.

  14. I think she exsists…

  15. The last line just made my day.

  16. You seriously are too funny!!! =)

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