hey, it’s de-lurking day


Apparently that is when you de-lurk.

Surprising, right?

I wrote a post about it last year.

So, why don’t you de-lurk and tell me… a fun fact about you.


38 Responses to “hey, it’s de-lurking day”

  1. I will do no such thing!



  2. I wear fake french nails and lie about it when people compliment me on my manicure.

    Hm. That wasn’t so tough!

  3. 3 SM

    Hi. I’ve de-lurked. I started reading you a few months after I saw you on EM’s site. You’re funny.

    That is all.

  4. 4 SM

    OMG…that was the lamest de-lurking comment I have EVER written.


  5. I…I de-lurk all the time at my blog..I think I don’t need to tell you something funny about me here…

  6. I’m not exactly a lurker. However, fun fact of the day, I’m related to Edward R Murrow. Also, my favorite color is green. I like spaghetti. My favorite font is Georgia. Erm, that’s basically all the pertinent details you need to know.

  7. I’m not wearing any underwear.

  8. I have no feeling in my bottome lip. (nerve damage)

  9. and I can’t spell.

  10. Hi. My name is Meghan, pleasure to blog stalk you. I like to dip my grilled cheeses in bbq sauce (the underrated cousin to that slut, ketchup). Try it, you may like it. Or not.

  11. 11 deutlich


  12. 12 jen

    i stalk your female fans to see if any is worthy of you.

  13. Hi. My name isn’t really Noelle. And I rarely lurk, because I have an unhealthy desire for more comments.

  14. Hi Peter. It’s me…in case you forgot. My secret is that I haven’t written anything on my blog in a long time because I don’t want to admit that I’m not happy right now. Putting it in writing makes it more real. Promise I’ll be a better blogger soon.

  15. 15 mcmisura

    I left a comment once so I’m only a quasi lurk.
    I have been known to pretend I’m going back into a store just so that someone can’t get my parking space…especially if they are waiting impatiently in a big SUV when there are open spaces farther away.

  16. I’m a curly haired red head with an identical twin. And I’m an uber dork.

  17. I’m not really a lurker, but I’m sure you want your regulars to play along too…

    I think all facts about me are fun.

    One (fun! exciting! wonderful!) thing you may or may not know… I think guys with brown eyes are the sexiest, based partially on the fact that I was once told that someone with blue eyes would break my heart. (And green is too close to blue.)

  18. (And I take these things way too seriously and worry that my fact is fun enough.)

    (Still fretting!)


  19. I think I’ve commented before…anyway…love reading your blog!
    Fun fact – I have to have the same type of cup and same kind of straw with my daily fountain pop…or I get super pissed off!!

  20. i totally failed to put the delurking thingamabob on my blog today. BLOG FAIL.

    interesting fact: until about the age of 15, i narrated everything that was happening to myself in my head, in the 3rd person. because i wanted to be laura ingalls wilder and write novels about my childhood.

  21. I’m not a complete lurker, but I don’t comment often enough.

    Also, my socks never match.

  22. An interesting fact about me… hmm…

    I can beat you at Scrabble.

  23. Something interesting about me…I wear the majority of my socks inside out. Does that work? =) Actually, does that get me a date with you? I’m preparing myself for this competition which I’m hoping you will have!


  25. i read your book and loved it even though i wanted to hate it.

  26. Hmm. One of my favorite songs is ‘Son of a Preacher Man’ by Dusty Springfield, and I like watching Phineus and Ferb.

  27. d’lerque!

    Once, a lion bit me in the butt. It hurt.

  28. Hi! First visit to your blog, fun post! :)
    Fact about me: I’m a Hungarian from Budapest who was dating a South African till 1 week ago when South African accidentally came across my blog and decided to dump me for what I wrote about him. Dooooh. Loser. (Not him, me :)

  29. Hi you’ve never seen me before but I’m a big fan of your blog!

  30. 30 d

    Hello sir. I have no fun facts, in fact, I am having a horrific day, but hope yours is a-ok.


  31. 31 LisaRae007

    I’m a total lurker. I read blogs and rarely comment even though I almost always have a sarcastic comment on the ready. Alright….a confession…I’m a sucker for geeky guys. I have a severe quasi-secret crush on one of my best friends. Shhh! Heaven forbid I make my feelings known!

  32. um do I have to flash you?

  33. I got dumped this week. After a year. There, that’s my fun fact. Fun, right?

  34. this is me (with a g) de-lurking.

    Fun fact: My Father was a spy who taught me clever ways to pass messages undetected.

  35. 35 Serenity Later

    Luv your blog! Found it via Steph’s now-defunct blog.

    Fun fact about me? I loooove Canada, when i lived there and once had my bike stolen, not only did i get it back in one piece but was also offered compensation for my pain & suffering! Sweet!

  36. I do think it’s humor-full that I lurk you too, and have never commented. I like your fun fact idea.

    But I don’t do what people tell me. So, I’m not going to tell you that I was published in Parade Magazine when I was in 4th grade saying “I think Mr. Clinton is really trying, and that is most important.”

    Just not doing it. :)

  37. And a happy belated delurking day to you!

  38. Hi. It’s me. I read here often, but sometimes late. Like now.

    Fun fact about Mindy: 67% of the time, I am warm 100% of the time.

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