When you are approaching 700 blog posts…


I think that you should be allowed to dig into the archives from time to time.

I present…

“A Facebook Love Story”


9 Responses to “When you are approaching 700 blog posts…”

  1. 1 deutlich

    I think you can dig into archives any time you want ;)

    congrats on nearing 700! You’re old!! *hahaha*

  2. I had a comment, but then deutlich made me laugh really hard. Yay!

    Ummm… I think I was going to say that I love when you assign us past things to read again. So much easier than archive-stalking! :)

  3. my gawd, 700! here i am getting excited that i’m close to 150. i’m just a baby!

  4. Rockstar.

  5. 700? Woah. Ridiculous!

    I’m gonna have to check that older post out…

  6. You’re just plain lazy.

  7. 7 mcmisura

    I like it – plus it’s hip to recycle.

  8. That killed me… KILLED me.

    Not only was it the most awesome conversation ever, right up my flirting ally but its hilarious

    thank you for allowing me to not waste my time while I was waiting for my PVR to record LOST a little so that I don’t have to watch commercials

  9. 9 towitnessduty

    Totally worth a revisit.

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