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At this point, I basically only use Facebook to play Scrabble.  However, since so many of my Scrabble opponents are slow to play (except for Brandy), I sometimes wander around looking for other games to play on there.  And then I found it… The Dot Game. I think it is also sometimes called The Box […]

I was looking through my “drafts” folder and found this.  I have no idea where I was going with it.  So I decided to let you choose… He didn’t notice the smell at first. In fact, it was many months before he finally noticed the faint aroma of cigarette smoke in his new-to-him car.  When […]



sometimes i wish i had an identical twin not just to mess with people but we would mess with people and if i told a joke that didn’t land like “if i ever write a horror-porn i will call it i know what you did last hummer“ and nobody laughed i’d later claim “i didn’t tell […]

My sister and her hubby had to work, so I spent the weekend with the cutest little valentine ever. – After the way she enjoyed my video camera last weekend, I was sure that she’d want to make more little movies. Which would give me something to blog.  Clearly she sensed my plan.  Early on […]

It’s funny…


The more work I do on the new novel, the more I remember just how much work went into the novella. And that makes me want to get more and more people to read it. Which, of course, makes me shamelessly promote: The first 20 pages! If you enjoyed that, you can click here to […]

The munchkin was visiting this weekend and took quite a liking to my new little camera dealie. I am not sure if she enjoyed starring in videos or watching herself on TV more. Probably even. And she didn’t really care what she was doing, as long as I recorded it and let her watch it. […]