it is your turn in scrabble


At this point, I basically only use Facebook to play Scrabble.  However, since so many of my Scrabble opponents are slow to play (except for Brandy), I sometimes wander around looking for other games to play on there.  And then I found it…

The Dot Game.

I think it is also sometimes called The Box Game.  Or Paddocks.  You may have played it with a pencil and paper as a kid.  Or not.  I wasn’t there.

I can’t really explain the appeal of the game.  It is simple, which is good.  Plus you earn points to “buy” collectible tiles and move up levels.  Hmmm.  There’s gotta be a way to describe that which makes me sound like less of a dork…


It’s addictive as shit, is what I’m saying.

While playing The Dot Game I see the wackiest of Facebook ads.  Including many, many ads for dating sites.


That ad caught my eye.  Now, back in my day *puts thumbs in suspenders* women knew how to keep themselves covered.

I don’t really miss my day.

The new thing they are doing is putting the picture of one of your Facebook friends in an ad with text that has nothing to do with either of you.

“Peter, would you or Jim make the better sorority girl?”

I mean, he’s got a great ass, but I have the legs…


11 Responses to “it is your turn in scrabble”

  1. Well – I would play Scrabble with you but they won’t let us coz of the whole me living in the wrong country or something. :o(

    There’s always Lexulous.

    And I swear I’m being more prompt in my playing these days.


    and I would like photo proof of these legs.

  2. Ha. Did you start a Scrabble game that I zoned out on?

  3. Have you tried Twirl?

  4. Sorry I haven’t been much of a scrabble player as of late.

  5. If you wouldn’t slaughter me with such well-played words, I may make more of an effort to play my turn.

  6. I think my friends all caught on that I cheat at FB Scrabble… perhaps it could have been the 900 bingos (or whatever 7-letter words are called) I got… sheesh.

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  8. What about the ad with the baby that has four eyes and two mouths? So disturbing!

  9. Little Fish, I hate that ad too. It always hurts my eyes and reminds me how much I suck at those hidden 3-D picture puzzles. If I used facebook for more than Scrabble, I would probably be so annoyed with that ad I would start a facebook group talking about how much I hated it.

  10. Was it the boob in that pic that caught your eye?

  11. I adore the Facebook Ads. And by adore, I of course mean loathe.

    My favorite is the one that says “Katie, 5 people in the New Jersey area hate you! Click here to see who?”

    …It wasn’t even tempting. I was actually flattered that it was only 5.

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