Brandy sucks



I lost another Scrabble bet to Brandy. You wouldn’t believe this game. I had a bingo that I couldn’t find a spot for. AND another word worth 60+ points that wouldn’t fit either. It was all very GRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Brandy enjoyed my Ketchup poem so much that she wanted one for relish. However, writers block has completely set in, so this is the best I could do:

Relish It

“I’ve never gotten a sore side from laughing before…”
“Really?” She asked.
“…I’ve gotten a sore side from sex.”
“Which likely involved some woman
getting a sore side from laughing.”

She had spunk.
He liked that.
“Relish on your burger?” she offered.
“Uhm… Nyet? What are you looking for here?”
“Who doesn’t like relish?”
“But it’s pickles, I think and… love.”
“I don’t like pickles.”
“Who doesn’t like pickles??”
“I see a trend developing.”
“Pickles are just cucumbers.”
“I don’t like cucumbers.”
“Are you insane??”
“I… don’t believe so.”
“So, you won’t have relish on your burger?”
“Who do you think you are? Too
good for relish?? I’ll have you know
that this is high quality relish.
I can’t believe that you
have the gall to stand in front
of me and turn down this

“I’m glad I didn’t mention my dislike of mustard.”
“I’ll fucking cut you!!!!”
“Yeah…. I think this’ll be my last trip to Burger King.”


16 Responses to “Brandy sucks”

  1. Winning is the best thing in the world.

    The End.

  2. i see brandy’s confidence paid off ;)

  3. For the record, I WAS a gracious winner but when you win all the time, it’s hard to keep up the act you know?

  4. 7 Matt

    She cheats.

    Seriously… she’s beating me by like 50 points right now. After she made me write poetry on my blog, I don’t make bets with her anymore.

  5. 9 Sid

    Have no friggin idea what relish is – and that’s not because my cooking skills need some brushing up. I think we have a different word for it in SA. Also maybe you should consider retiring from scrabble and trying your hand at something you’re actually good at. Just a thought. Use it, don’t use it …

  6. Again — I must find something to make a bet with you about. With your record, I’m sure to win.

  7. You’re so poetic. And this is why I will never play Brandy at Scrabble. It is inevitable that I will have to make a fool of myself somehow.

  8. I don’t think Brandy sucks, you just suck at scrabble…

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