Wow.  This is my 700th post.

It’s truly a testament to one man being in love with his own words, eh?

I’ve decided to link some of my favourite posts.  And there is a little contest down below.

My favourites:

“The Best Day of the Year”

“Facebook Love Story”


“Some people are just touchy”

“Centre Ice”

“Flip-off Friday #3”

“Big Day”

“the man you know as Peter, or “Fuck Nuts” if you’re his mom” (The one and only guest post.)


“When it all comes out”



“Just a girl on a couch”

“Sara’s Apartment”


“Window to your sole…”

“Blog Block… and Poop”

“Just before waking up”


“Anniversary” (Hallowe’en post)

Contest: To win a pdf copy (so internationals can enter too!) of my novella all you have to do is E-MAIL me (at peterdewolf@gmail.com) and tell me your favourite post of the 700.  Winner will be chosen at random at noon on Friday.


7 Responses to “700”

  1. My favourite of those listed is, of course, “The Best Day of the Year”! My all-time favourite?? Too hard to narrow down! (But probably a word doodle.)

    Fun stuff, DeWolf, and congrats on 700!!! (Fortunately, there are a lot of other people who love your words, too!) :)

    • “The Best Day of the Year” is definitely my favourite. But I did find some others that I liked while reading ALL of them. I don’t even remember writing some of them.

  2. 3 Sid

    Nooooo. I have to work. I can’t spend my entire day reading your blog. If you keep placing various links on your blog, my future progeny will never get to see a leopard because their mommy was to busy reading your blog to be bothered about saving the planet.

  3. Easy. My favorite has always been “The Best Day of the Year”

    But I also have a soft spot for “some people are just touchy”

    Congrats on 700!

  4. I already have a copy but “The Best Day of the Year” is my favourite.

    your arch enemy for life.

  5. i already have a copy, i already have a copy!!

    probs should read it now huh? :)

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